This ECU header socket is used by us to make a female connector for the grey 22 pin chassis to ECU connector in the boot/trunk of the Sw20 Mk2 Mr2, which is essential for allowing the chassis plug to connect to your new harness.

During an engine conversion harness wire up, it is necessary to use the socket from the old ECU to cut up and make a female connector out of it, this obviously destroys the old ECU. This header socket allows the end plug to be cut off and used as a female connector for the male 22 pin grey ECU plug in the boot/trunk and allows your new ECU to be wired to it. This means your old ECU can be saved and kept safe or sold later.

We normally cut at the RED line and only use the female connector arrowed GREEN , however the whole socket connector will be sent in case you wish to use it for a piggy back ECU interface connector.

If this connector is ordered with the Sw20 harness plug kit it will ship for free with that kit, and the shipping cost refunded.