Our own design roof spoiler for the Mk2 Mr2, this blade sits within the C pillar aperture and hugs the roof contour. This styling add on creates a more aggressive looking rear and fills a "dead" area just above the rear screen.

The blade also incorporates an LED high level brake light and all wiring needed to connect that up. While it is true this was designed as a style over function piece, customers have reported less wind noise and better cabin shading when the sun is low in the sky from behind, so there are some functional benefits, however it was designed purely from an aesthetic point of view.

Attachment is with polyurethane bonding which is included with each blade, no trial fitment of this product is required, simply paint it in your vehicles colour (or contrasting if you want it to stand out) and bond it to the C pillar trims.

This product will be delivered finished in white gelcoat.

Comes with a clear LED brake light unit that lights up red.