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Thread: The Crazy Bastard Project

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    Lol I don't doubt that I will need help!!! However I'm just so fuxking excited that this is going ahead

    One year ago I booked a test drive with head case, it never happened but even then I liked the idea

    Now it will be in my own god damn vehicle

    (Sure there's a tree with my name on it though)

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    Hahaha not only a tree with your name on it. Maybe a ditch with yer name in it or a barrier with your name across it. Lol

    Joking aside if u thought the car was quick with a 3s u are in for a shock.

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    I'm hoping so ;)

    Don't do ditches or crash barriers, if your anywhere near them your driving wrong lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr2karl_tbar View Post
    I'm hoping so ;)

    Don't do ditches or crash barriers, if your anywhere near them your driving wrong lol
    Well I aint driving
    Will be soon if I ever have some spare cash. Lolb

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    The only Mr2's that end up in ditches / around trees are turbos. Boost kicks in, panic sets it, foot lifts off the throttle and its spin time.

    If anything the Mk2 with a V6 is better planted and less likely to spin. Slightly more weight on the driven wheels, and a nice smooth power delivery right through the rev range. And as The Dark Lord once put it, 'the torque curve is near vertical'.

    It always made me laugh pulling away from the lights. It will hand most hot hatches their ass in a sling, and a lot of expensive 'high performance' cars get given a very unexpected run for their money.

    £500 shitbox vs £35,000 BMW? Yeah you better look surprised there matey!

    It doesn't count unless you build it yourself....


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    Absolutely livid!!

    These came today and in 40 mins I fitted 2...... The feckin egit who sold me them didn't say that standard wheel nuts wouldn't fit I spent that time modifying them just get the rears on. Now that aside I can accept I need smaller wheel studs, oh these stick by about a million miles too, but when a wheel is described as in good condition with a few scuffs and scratches to then arrive with obvious heavy kurbing dents!!!! It's hard to overlook the little things!!!

    What a fucking toss face its just one more thing to add to the list.

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    U should have known mate that aftermarket wheels always need aftermarket wheel nuts. Stock nuts only ever work with stock wheels or space savers.
    As for the wheels perhaps u should have asked for individual pictures to check for damage

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    I did perhaps I should have been closer to them...

    I get what your saying obviously but you can see my annoyance I'm sure

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    Mate if I was in your position I would be the same.
    There are alot of people out there that tell fibs just to sell stuff and withhold information. .

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    Well despite not thinking I would hear back we actually reached a resolve so I'm now happy :)

    Still annoyed because it is one more job to do later (camry comes first I need this car running again!!!)

    Anyway pics are there so enjoy

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