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Thread: Canadian v8 build

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    Not good enough then, I'd like to get it right the first time haha. I'm back to looking at audi transaxles I guess.The two FWD gearboxes here go for $250-450, so blowing them up isn't too harmful on the wallet ;) I just need to source gear ratios for them.

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    i guarantee you won't get everything right the first time :)

    your best bet would be to get a box with lots of aftermarket support so you can get a different final drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by widebodystarlet View Post

    Why does that audi have Mercedes rims?
    Don't shoot the messenger!

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    Engine is out!!! Going to use the subframe and frame rails to mount this in my mr2. Should be fun. MMaddict, the merc rim is because he put four random rims on the car that he had laying around so that the car could be shipped to my door.

    Subframe with engine mount plates and sway bar:

    This thing is like 300lbs lol, piece of crap;

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    Quote Originally Posted by widebodystarlet View Post
    I did some work. Mostly just getting at the engine and removing the unnecessary components. Do most of you guys run standalone? I've heard about something called vag-com, sounds like a robo muff but apparently you can access your audi ecu with it. I imagine with a lot of sensors removed (egr and stuff) the ecu will probably like to throw some codes and run in limp mode, I'm hoping this might help with some of those issues when they arise. I've been able to preserve all the wiring and factory set up of egr and sensors so I'll run it like that to start :)
    Here is your contact for VAG-COM.

    Ross-Tech, LLC
    881 Sumneytown Pike
    Lansdale PA 19446, USA
    Tel: +1 267 638 2300

    Used by lots of VW tuners here in Australia.

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    Just in case you think I slowed down... I cleaned up the frame rails and removed them from the front of the car, along with a portion of the transmission tunnel. Gearbox has been ordered and will be in tomorrow apparently, then I can start measuring things for final plans. These are my rough sketches along with approximate measurements for the plan.

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    So what gearbox did you go for in the end?

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    Went with the 012 with the shitty gear ratios, it was nearly free lol. MikeH used one on his v8 from mr2oc. Can only do what I can afford, swapping it for something more suitable later will be the plan.

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    Do most v8 people run the 034 flywheel adapter or is there a factory flywheel that bolts onto the v8? I haven't taken my torque converter off yet so I dont know how many bolt holes it is (this seems to be a deciding factor).

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