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Thread: Engine options for the mk3???

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    good luck trying to find a s2k engine,ecu,and fit a turbo for 4k.

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    Thats funny cus I've just been offered the engine ecu loom gearbox and everything else for 2 grand....

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    I think the engine purchase is a good deal it is a conversion pack so its got everything..

    I just need some help doing it

    I would like to do it myself and save labour and spend the rest on a custom ecu...

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    its going to be a hard swap because the s2k is front engined rwd.the mr2 is mid engined.

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    its more about how the box and shafts will line up...

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    and you may have a lot of problems with which way round it fires as you could install it and find your going faster in reverse than going forward all depends which way round the engine is in the s2000 bay.

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    and its been done in the lotus which is mid engined???????????????

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