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Thread: Engine options for the mk3???

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    Try spyderchat in the US. Don't fool yourself though, if you think it will handle like an Elise at any point, the Roadster won't. Its good, but a Lotus it is not, even with all the bracing currently avvailable. Still ace to drive though.
    Mk 3.6 V6 Roadster (sold) now a Mk 3 Roadster avec turbo!

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    Why does the k20a and most honda engines have a redline of 9k??

    is it just a close ratio gearbox?

    can I get the same result from a supercharged toyota block? with a lightened fly

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    Quote Originally Posted by danlou84 View Post
    Why does the k20a and most honda engines have a redline of 9k??

    is it just a close ratio gearbox?

    can I get the same result from a supercharged toyota block? with a lightened fly
    Mainly lightweight engine components - the gearbox has no involvemen in an engines red-line.

    The lighter & smaller a component is, a valve for example, the quicker it can move before it bends or breaks under it's own inertia. Quite how Honda do it and do it well i might add i do not know but it's all down to component weight mainly. Lighter the part - less G-Forces involved.

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    So no way off getting those results from a toyota block then?

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    Wont 7500rpm be OK, why 9K

    Why not go wankel
    If 4K is your fixed budget you need to get a handle on what want to acheive, how much work you want to do yourself.

    The probability is your going to have to go for a 3rd party ecu, thats £1K

    An engine, loom and components is anywhere between £1500 and £3K

    Are you going to use the 1zz box ? if not thats £500.

    Fabrication materials will set you back £500

    Then theres mods to driveshafts, pipework etc.

    These are cost prices no labour.

    Basically 4K probably aint enough unless you go for a proven conversion using one of the toyota engines.

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    for gods sake why get a 4pot screamer that will go bang sooner rather than later plus your putting a bodykit on it and if i judge correctly it will probably be a ferrari itali clone so more weight, you may as well go 2gr with na 7500 redline 270bhp as standard and built to last at least we know you can bolt it to a turbo gearbox and you can get hold of a fidanzza flywheel to make the clutch work.

    if your going honda powered your going to have to figure a way of mounting the engine, then mateing it to a suitable gearbox then hybrid drive shafts and cv joints im not saying it can't be done but seeing as no ones done one yet you have to ask your self why has no one done one yet?.

    I think it's to do with development cost adapter plate, flywheel, clutch,gearbox, drive shafts i think that will eat up a lot of time and money you could use else where, just because ithe engines cheap cheap doesn't meen it's any good?.

    plus lotus use the 2gr in the evora.

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    Honda engines rotate the wrong they'd need to be turned around, right? Wasn't there a guy down in Portsmouth who was doing a K20 or B16-ish Vtec swap into a mk1?

    I'd go for the 2zz, ditch the air injection (they have actual electric supercharger systems as standard!!) from the Celica 190 or 'rolla T-sport and turbo it.

    I think a V6 would be out of the question as the OP wants a revvy engine. And the 3VZ is nice but not if you want revvy.
    Priorities change, passions do not.

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    Hmmm.. options..

    Well after reading everything its probably best to stick with a toyota engine Snow got it right as to why the 9k but body is custom built and is made from fibreglass so weigh's nothing.

    I'm still looking into the hayabusa turbo conversion which sees upto 400hp and 12k redline..

    ive got 6 grand all in all for the conversion.

    would 6 grand cover the H turbo engine conversion?

    Does anyone do it in house?

    I am really aiming for something different and special so I want to get it right first time.

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    For 6K you could DIY V8 (7200) or I think get woodsy to do a V6, maybe with cash to balance it out and improve the possibillity of higher rpm.
    Smooth power, high torque, great sound

    Not as good as a V8 though ! :hidesbehi

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