I've been a long time modder of mr2's current mk2 has some serious engine mods around 400hp its a twin entry turbo model.

So I just bought a mk3 mr-s and want to know what sort of engine mods I can get away with..

Hoping to learn from all you guys.

Heres what I want to achieve.

Redline/limit 9k
quick sharp accelleration
with good torque
not fussed about top speed
oh and decent mpg when im not thrashing it

BHP wise anything above 200 would be nice..

Money around 4k for the build

So my options are to a. mod the 1.8 vvti? forged internals lower compression and a turbo with charge cooler bigger injectors and a remap?

mk2 twin entry turbo engine swap? plus mods for over 300-400hp

v6 or v8 swap?

OOooh the choices..

I really want a "revvy" car..

How does one increase the rev limit? and what judges that limit?

cubic capacity? ecu?

any links to relivate posts would be nice..

btw I have fallen in love with the skyline engines and would cough love that in one of my motors..

also keen to point out the boot is no use to me and will be fully abused for engine pleasure.

so room can be used freely.