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Thread: audi V8 powered MR2

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    audi V8 powered MR2

    Apparently being driven ... some nice work!



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    just read through the thread top work there:thumbsup:

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    No, i stole it, off the 'merican OC. lol

    It's an impressive build but just seems to take up too much room in the cockpit.

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    Aye I know where you got it from.

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    I notice theres no front engine mount there, I guess he's put somemothe anti tilt device in somewhere else but I cant imagine where, looks pretty neat though

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    it looks neat and quite well done, but it worries me that the central bulkhead has been mostly removed and nothing put in its place for strength. that is possibly the single most important part of the chassis for determining torsional rigidity, and it has a giant hole in the middle of it. the horizontal member is still there, but it would benefit from some reinforcements for sure, especially with all the extra weight in the car

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    i was thinking the same thing if it rolled it would end up flat

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    It'd deffo be a bit warm in the cabin thats for sure!

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