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Thread: My mk1 V8 (4.2 340bhp Audi AHC with 6 speed)

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    My mk1 V8 (4.2 340bhp Audi AHC with 6 speed)

    EDIT: fast forward to page 13 for the V8 stuff, or continue reading 12 pages of V6 swap :)

    Well time to let the worst kept TB secret out of the bag,im building myself a new mr2.... lily will never get finished in time for brutalball and i sorely miss having an mr2 again,more to the point i really miss having a fast mk1 again,so i needed to build the mk1 of my dreams and quickly!

    I had my heart set on a silver mk1 for a long time now and after frantic searching i picked up a half decent sunroof model for £350.

    Every saturday for the last 3 months ive been getting her up to speed (sorry no real pics yet) ,ive been welding her up and changing the rank blue interior (sorry blue interior fans) for a black leather one ive had tucked away.

    To power this beasty ive bought a 97 1mz and furnished it with new gaskets and tubular stainless manifolds from the US.....

    I also have a TRD charger planned for it,fidanza flywheel and Mk2 NA box with a trick celica supported shaft set up.

    All being well she will be ready for brutalball 08....
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    That looks a useful piece of kit, love those manifolds!
    Should be scary quick!

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    You don't want to charge that old thing Paul. It would look far better on mine mate... :mrgreen:

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    Noticed in your pics around the head gasket area there is a little 'gloop' thats squeezed out (not picking fault!!) - lead me to ask the question what if anything do you recommend using in addition to the head gasket? i.e

    do you assemble and leave it dry?


    do you apply some kind of sealant to the head gasket?

    if so, do you put the sealant on both sides of the gasket?

    Thanks (just want to get it right first time!!!)


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    Quote Originally Posted by phd68
    Noticed in your pics around the head gasket area there is a little 'gloop' thats squeezed outl
    Methinks that's just a wee 'oversized' bit of the Gasket itself rather than added goopery - seems to be normal.
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    Can you post the link where you got thoes manifolds? i dont want to use stock ones in my conversion. Also will you be using the stock ECU with OBD2 of will you be going aftermarket? im still not sure what ill be using once ive get my 1999 1MZ

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    I think it's a stormer of a project!

    His motor looks mean as feck ... shame there's an ejit driving it. I need another project now to overshadow the Woodsmeister lol lol lol

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    very nice mate:thumbsup: as for the h/g i used blue hylomar both sides of the gasket but only around the bore .

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    But it's silver. lol

    Should definitely give the required smiles per mile this one. Welcome back to the fray. :thumbsup:

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    Paul - what do you use to degrease and clean the block/g'boxes etc up ready for painting?
    Priorities change, passions do not.

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