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Thread: AEK`s Mr2Mk1 with 1UZFE

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    Mr Woods: Oh sorry about that, but I was reading through your thread for inspiration and replayed in wrong window...I am looking forward for a update on your v8.

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    Thanks AEK.... I now have to spend the day sat at my desk nursing a semi with undercrackers filled with sticky-white-love-piss! :D

    That side on short is hard as nails - i love it mate; the beastly daddy of all mk1's :thumbsup:

    But if somebody could get a 2gr in a mk1 that'd be pretty epic too :rofl:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Woods View Post

    Can i vote this as the new homepage pic pretty please?
    Can I second this it's no good stuck away in the thread, and 2gr in a mk1 indeed next it will be v8s twin turbos.

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    Amazing thread!!!Well done!!!!What welding "method" do you use please ? Tig, mig ?

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    Just stumbled upon this and had to comment.... You, Mr. Arnold, are completely fucking mad in the best possible way. I want to be you when I grow up. :notworthy:

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