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Thread: AEK`s Mr2Mk1 with 1UZFE

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    yeah the never ending project. its a gm northstar v8 and a 4speed gm auto transaxle. If he finished it he hasent made it known as far as I can tell... but he is ohh so close...
    (it also sounds GREAT!)

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    Made new fram this weekend. 110cm from frame to frame, so my tire will stick out 9cm from the arches . I also moved the mk2 subframe 3cm longer from the front tire so my engine wont hit the wall. I have to make new arches anyway so I only move them 3cm longer to the back of the car.
    Here I have cut away the old frame

    I made paper for mesurments

    Here are the steel Inforcement welded in place

    Inside the new frame, and the welding between new and old frame

    The frame finish on the driver side with mk2 subframe

    From top, the subframe need some more welding

    I have to buy som more steel plates, I used 1,1m2 this weeken and need even more...

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    Wow, that's all i can say.


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    silly questions from sketchy....

    1)why E/W instead of N/S?
    2)if your moving the arches back...why did you not just cut off the rear part off the shell...and add a steel too graft it back togeather, instead of cutting the guards too fit?..if the rear track is going too be wider..could you not have widened the rear part of the shell...and made it wide body too fit the new arrangement...will plawy with photoshop/mspaint if Im a little hard too follow:)

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    im guessing because of the roof rakes sketchy,if you tried to move the whole back end back from the rear window you would need to address the roof rakes that angle back onto the quarters.... i considered doing it that way but it was too much work.

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    I was thinking about that...I have a plan;)

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    I wanted to make it E\W because its the same as its made from factory with the 4age. The reason why I make big arches its to make it as easy as I can but I have made mistakes beforelol and I like the DTM style. I will also move out the front wheels about 9cm on each side, but first I want the engine in. The biggest problem its the turbo driveshaft that I dont have and flywheel, all the other bits are on "track". The engine are now in Norway and will come to me in about two weeks time.:thumbsup:

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    excelent progress keep up the good work all the best podge:thumbsup:

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    Thanks for the support podge, I am sure you also know its takes some time to fit in the big v8 in a little mr2mk1;) Today I have mesure the frame and weld it in place with some 42mm tubes so it wont twist. Welded together the mk2subframe, and its now 21cm longer than original.

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    Respect Arne!
    I just can't get over how mental this build is! Can't wait racing you ;)

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