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Thread: AEK`s Mr2Mk1 with 1UZFE

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    Hehe, his best friend is an angle grinder and other cutting tools. And the worst thing is that he's not afraid to use them either.. ;) (cut first, think later)
    I'm looking forward to visiting your garage and see another of your wild creations on the track! I know you're not afraid to (ab)use it! :D

    This is one of the few MR2's that's "allowed" to be faster than mine, here in Norway that is... I think the tourque of the V8 beast can be hard to beat, but I will try my very best! (I have gone shopping for a ST205 front cut, since I don't have the time to assemble my ohter bits and pieces to an engine in a while..)

    We should have some kind of modified mk1 meeting soon, preferably on a track..

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    fantastic! i get to watch for a change! pass the popcorn.... :popcorn:

    aek,you can gain a good 2" of width by ditching the distributors and lots of crap off the pulley end of the v8,that will mean standalone ecu though but the damn distributors take up far too much space.

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    mmm, this is gonna be good. from now on whenever someone bitches at me about my goal of a v6 I'll send them over here to the loony bin... ;)

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    Holy mother of god ...

    That's amazing work.

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    yay more 8`s thats what we want, top work:thumbsup:

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    Fantastic news, there really is a lot of space there when you've been busy with the grinder.... I can't wait to see this unfold!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiff Lemon
    I make that 3 contenders for the first V8 mk1!
    IIRC the V8 conversion has already been done before. Have seen a vid of it before.

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    how will this affect the balance anyway?
    and that toystar conversion just shows the car running, not actually moving under its own power yet.

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    So no-one has finished a V8 conversion yet that's on the road ? I could've sworn I'd read about one a few years back.

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