Finally ready for all of you 2zz-ge Mk1 Mr2 engine swap guys, this gear cable bracket is the final piece of this engine conversion, together with our engine mount and plug and play wiring harness, this bracket makes this conversion a virtually bolt in affair.

This bracket bolts over the top of the existing clutch slave cylinder using its bolts for location and also attaches to the top bolt hole of the front torque mount.

The bracket is constructed using a recommissioned Toyota Celica gear cable bracket and laser cut plates forming a very strong design with no flex in the bracket at all. The bracket has been tested on a working 2zz-ge Mk1 converted car and all gears engage smoothly and correctly with the correct cable routing. The original Mk1 Mr2 cable retaining clips are used with this bracket so that it all attaches like OEM.

Pictured here is the bracket installed on a customers 2zz-ge Mk1 Mr2 conversion.

This gear cable bracket is £110 plus shipping, a discount of £15 is available if you send me your original Celica C60 gear cable bracket, this really only applies to UK customers, as shipping a bracket from outside of the UK would cost you more than £15.