A new product that has been a long time in development, this fibreglass air scoop/cowling is designed to fit exactly over the left hand side engine bay vent and converts that airflow into a 4" OD round exit pipe into the engine bay to directly feed cold air either into a CDA type air filter which is then fed into your turbo or NA throttle body. It can also be used to direct air onto an existing air filter or route air wherever you need it in the engine bay. 

This adapter is suitable for standard engined cars, turbo models and engine converted cars like 1mz-fe/3vz-fe and 2gr-fe models.

The adapter can simply be bonded with silicon/polyurethane over the existing vent hole or drilled and bolted to the exisiting vent frame holes.

The inside of the adapter is flow coated, so no risk of fibreglass strands or loose particles entering the filter or engine, the flow coating also aids airflow.

No filter or silicon joiners or pipework comes supplied with this product, you are just buying the fibreglass adapter pictured below.