A new service we are offering for 2024, many of you change your 5 speed transmissions to 6 speed, especially when converting your engine to a 2zz-ge. The 2zz-ge C64 transmission that comes from either the Toyota Celica or Corolla, does not have the correct selector assembly for use in the Spyder.


This means you would normally have to try and buy a Spyder 6 speed selector assembly with lockout from a breaker separately, which can be very difficult and expensive to source or sacrifice your own 6 speed selector to use in the 2zz-ge (C64) transmission leaving your original Spyder 6 speed transmission unsaleable (or worth considerably less) without its selector.


Our new service means we can take your donor parts, that is the selector assemblies from your original 5 speed and the new 2zz-ge (C64) transmission and machine those parts to give you a direct plug and play Spyder compatible 6 speed selector assembly, so we are using your current donor parts to create the new assembly.


As well as machining work, we also supply this new adapter bracket that fits onto the new lockout assembly, which then allows all of your 5 speed shifter linkages to bolt directly to that, this is supplied with new longer cap head bolts to replace the originals. The new machined lockout also has the shaft oil seal retained.

To be clear, once you have sent us your donor 2zz-ge (C64) selector assembly from either the Celica T sport or Corolla T sport transmission you are using along with your original 5 speed selector assembly, we are returning to you a full working 6 speed Spyder compatible selector assembly, that would be everything in the pic below...


After checkout we will email you directly with instructions on what to send us and where to send it to, the new 6 speed shifter assembly will be machined and ready to return within 2 days of receiving your donor parts here at Woodsport.

The total cost of this machining service plus the new lockout/selector adapter plate is £125 plus shipping (£10 UK/£40 USA) , the webshop will calculate your shipping for you if you are elsewhere in the world.

If you are unsure about anything or need confirmation of what to send us please email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and i will advise further.