Another new product launch for 2023, this new patch adapter harness is for any Mk2 Mr2 (SW20) that wants to use a different revision or generation of engine than original. So swapping a rev3 engine into a Rev1 chassis for example, no longer requires you to modify the engine harness or send it out for merging, you simply order this patch adapter and it interfaces between the new engine harness and the old chassis.

This also applies to turbo engine conversions, anyone putting a 3s-gte into an NA chassis, any revision engine into any revision chassis, simply uses this patch!

This completely takes the pain and complexity out of repinning an engine harness, no need to swap out the entire "kickwell" chassis harness either, everything stays exactly the same as Toyota intended, just our patch harness in the middle between engine and chassis, it couldn't be simpler!

This also means if you ever decide to refit the original engine everything just unplugs to do that, no rewiring or chassis harness alterations at all.


Every plug on the left of the new fusebox sits in the boot (trunk for our US friends) and the branch on the right plugs into the existing chassis fusebox.


Your new engines harness plugs into the new Woodsport fusebox and the patch harness takes care of the pinout differences automatically!


All of our patch harnesses feature full potted connector housings for the ECU female sockets, not just open sockets with pins shoved into them as i have seen elsewhere. Above the white connector plugs into your new ECU, the Woodsport potted female connector is for your cars original ECU chassis connector, everything just neatly and quickly plugs in.

The new fusebox harness comes with our own design of fusebox branded clip, everything connects as it would do normally.