Nicknamed the ZZW11 swap

A new product just launched, our 2zz-ge Aw11 Maf adapter is the perfect solution for this conversion, the adapter fits over the existing Mk1b filter housing on the rear firewall, and has the perfect internal diameter for the 2zz engine, so no fuelling issues, fault codes or bad fuel trims to deal with. It also features internal flow vanes.

Made from PETG this part is durable and will work perfectly for your swap, it allows for 3" silicon tubing to fit the adapter all the way to the throttle body, no need for step down reducers etc.

For Mk1a owners you will need to drill the firewall hole and install the Mk1b filter housing piece, you can then use all factory Mk1b air filter parts, which we have found work the best with the 2zz aw11 swap in terms of performance and keeping fuel trims happiest.

Priced at £75, some discount is available for previous 2zz swap part customers, so if you have previously ordered swap kit parts please get in touch.

The first prototype part pictured below, fitted to the factory Mk1b filter outlet and the 2zz-ge MAF sensor fitted.


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