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Thread: Need Help From Australian V6 Gurus

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    Need Help From Australian V6 Gurus

    Hello all. I'm encountering the classic "start just fine, run for 1-2 seconds, and stalls out" scenario. The donor vehicle is a 1999 Camry Vienta M/T with Immobilizer, and the receiving vehicle is a 1991 MR2 N/A 3SGE. I have been tracing this issue for 5 weeks (2-4 hours a week at night) and I've hit a wall mentally and need your experiences and suggestions. At this point I'm wondering if it's the Camry's "Computer Integrated Relay" holding up the situation. It appears this module was only installed in Australian models, and talks with the immobilizer, key warning switch and starting relay. My Camry ECU is a 4 plug type, and there's very few wiring diagrams for these Australian models. I have also kept the engine bay cooling fan module and wired it back into the MR2 body harness - just because I suppose.

    The diagnosis thus far:

    1) Relays check OK for continuity and voltage applied (they are all actuating). No fuses blown
    2) Fuel pump works just fine. When engine stalls you can smell fuel in the tail pipe and the cylinders must be drenched because it will only start every 5-10min wait period
    3) Fuel pressure regulator (in tank) produces a solid and constant 50psi (Camry regulator)
    4) Fuel filter is new
    5) Spark must be there due the engine running and sounding great for those 1.5-2 seconds
    5) All vacuum lines/hoses are new
    6) For some odd reason during the 1.5 seconds of cranking, the intake manifold pulls 25"Hg?? The engine literally wants to implode and create a black hole. . .
    7) All wires have continuity from ECU to their end locations.
    8) Trans & engine are grounded to chassis
    9) Immobilizer ECU is wired in correctly to the best of my knowledge. Key ring and key are tied into that, however, do I need to join some wires from the computer integration relay module??
    10) The wiring on the 3SGE is a bit different from the 3mz in that the starter relay RED wire joins the RED wire from connector EA3 pin 11, and through the relays in the fusebox, this also connects to the STA signal on the ECU which I wired to the original mr2 connector E6 pin 8 (STA signal from 3SGE ECU). It's all spliced in and integrated with the COR relay from the factory wiring. In my understanding, my COR and starter relay are wired correctly. I also have the FC ecu wire wired to the G/R of the COR.
    11) ODB2 wired in and scanner isn't pulling any codes
    12) Oddly enough, if I have the scanner hooked up with key at the 'on' position it works fine, but after I crank the engine and it stalls, the scanner reboots (almost as if the ECU lost power?) Is this immobilizer related again?

    I'll stop there at the moment, it's probably gibberish at this point.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


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    I also need to mention:

    13) battery is fully charged
    14) Idle air control valve clean and working
    15) throttle body clean and sensor working as it should
    16) No rags, papertowel or clothes found in upper or lower intake assemblies
    17) air filter is new
    18) Have 12v volts to spark plugs
    19) Spark plugs are brand new



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