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Thread: Knock sensor issues and boost issue.

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    Knock sensor issues and boost issue.

    Ok. A few weeks ago after getting my car back from its mot the engine management light came on. Checked codes and it was 52, knock sensor signal problem.

    Before I go any further I best point out that on the way I was running low on fuel and had to standard fuel in it rather than the usual V-Power.

    Took a chance and bought an eBay sensor, management light on from first start. Bought a second hand sensor from an MR2, exactly the same form start.

    Bought a genuine sensor and itís like the initial problem, not as bad but still not right. Start the car from cold and it will run no problem at all, drives and boosts fine but after about 20-30mins management light comes on again and test shows the same issue. Leave the car to cool right down and same thing, runs and drives fine for about 20 odd mins and then itís starts itís pish again.

    Now, last week I fannied about with the blitz dual solenoid boost controller and then reset it completely. Car now needs to have more dialled in to make the same boost, usually around 50 to get the required 15-15.5 psi. But now needs around 80-85 to get the same boost.

    I canít see it feel any obvious split hoses etc.

    I rest the ecu after each sensor change.

    Inspected the ecu for what itís worth and canít see anything blown or iffy for what thatís worth.

    Perfect compression on each cylinder.

    Iím now running the car with the absolute minimum boost dialled in and trying not to hit boost at all to be cautious obviously.

    Itís due itís usual 3K oil change so thatís getting done at the weekend and the timing checked.

    Has anyone experienced the same or similar and could throw some light in whatís going on.

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