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Thread: The Ultimate Rare Parts List

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    The Ultimate Rare Parts List

    This is an attempt to catalogue the rarest parts in the MK1 world, and if possible, a link to where they are being reproduced.

    ##Item Format##
    Item Name
    Description of Item
    Image of Item
    Link to reproduction Shop (Delete if NA)


    Moulded Floor Mats
    Available in Red or Grey, with MR2 Log.

    Frunk Storage Box
    Available for the MK1a

    And MK1b

    Engraved MR2 Key and Chain
    Popular in Japan, and available as a dealer option.

    Trunk/Boot Liner
    These came for both MK1a/b, and in varying styles

    Recaro LX-c Seats
    Originally fitted to the 89' Super Edition, but some speculate it was available to Superchargers as a dealer option due to a lot of late superchargers having them fitted.
    Also pictured here: Winter Floor Mats

    [B]MOMO Steering Wheel[B/]
    Found in 88-89' Super editions. Visually similar to the MX5 wheel but different part numbers.
    Also pictured, Cup Holders!


    Halogen Fog Lights
    Static Halogen front fog lights, with their own wiring loom and switch.

    Retractable Halogen Fog Lights
    Koito Yellow halogen front fog lights, with electronic retractable covers. Usually branded Toyota.
    These also came with their own switch and wiring loom.

    3rd Brake Light Spoiler
    Fitted as a factory option to JDM and USDM cars, not many made it to England.
    Originally a tube light, but later replaced with an LED Strip.

    Power folding wing mirrors
    Fitted initially to the Super Edition, but then in the final years of production, it was fitted to all superchargers, and as an option for N/A cars. They came with their own wiring loom, and switch. They are also a different design to the original wing mirrors, for better air flow.

    Roof Rack
    Attaches to the T-Tops, and bolts into the C pillar trim

    Steel Wheels
    Most likely used as a winter set

    Bonnet Bra
    This is supposedly a dealer option

    Top Wing Side Marker
    OE JDM Option for Toyota's. Comes with it's own wiring extension.

    Kaminari Body Kit
    Still available in the US

    Vien's Front Bumper and Engine Lid
    The front bumper replaces the entire front end with a one piece part.

    Wings West F40 Spoiler
    Created for the F40 kit car, but many owners decided the spoiler was enough and just bought that.

    Toysport Body Kit
    Front Lip, Rear Valance, and new full length side skirts

    Style Auto Front Bumper
    Reproduction's available at Woodsport!

    Haslbeck Body Kit
    Only a very small amount of these were made. It was a complete kit! Almost every panel was changed.
    It also included a new set of wheels.

    [B]Buddy Club Front Lip / Air Dam[B/]
    Paul Woods has a reproduction fibreglass version available!


    Cusco Adjustable Strut Tops
    Allows upper camber adjustment on original shocks.

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    Your missing a spoiler light, fitted round the central pillar of the rear spoiler, I had one but gave it ( or sold it) to someone, got pics somewhere, I'll see if I can find them. Have a look here for pics of the original JDM MK1 options brochure. http: /
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    Black is not a colour ! .... Its the absence of colour

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    Awesome! It's going to be an ever growing list Jimi, I doubt I'll find them all, but I'm putting in a good effort to try!

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    I also have pdf copies of the installation instructions for a HKS AGTE Kit (turbo kit for the 4A-GE) and the 1990 TRD catalogue which contains many tuning parts/options for the MK1. If you have any interest in them I'll put them on my website and post some download links ?
    Black is not a colour ! .... Its the absence of colour

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