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Thread: 3sgte into a mk1

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    3sgte into a mk1

    So, looks like not much interest in my turbo conversion parts so rather than breaking the engine apart considering its not long been rebuilt , ive been looking at transplants (see my other thread about mk3)

    So as i think it would be a bit boring putting it back into a mk2 i was thinking maybe a mk3 though this seems a bit more complicated.

    So how about transplanting into a mk1?

    Maybe buy one that needs some welding (saw one go for £500 recently) and Sort it into something a bit beasty.

    Whats involved?

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    Now that i can help with, i make a jig that allows the welding in of new mounts to hang the engine in the sweet spot, and i can also prewire the harness to be fully plug and play for you, this takes the two hardest parts of the conversion out of the loop that many people struggle with.

    3s-gte Mk1s are awesome, definitely the way i'd go.

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