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Thread: Clutch broken

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    Clutch broken


    Early this month I got my AW11 to Ascari Circuit in Spain for the 2nd time to race the 24h with a new 6 speed gearbox and the car felt great.

    We ran this setup for almost 4 hours at Braga Circuit one month before without issues, but this time we ended up with a broken clutch after 6-7 hours. We disassembled it and one of the clutch's spring retainer broke letting the spring out disabling the clutch. We changed it with a new one (clutch and pressure plate) and went back in the race. 6 hours later the car came to the pits with the same symptoms.


    We are yet to disassemble the gearbox but we suspect the problem will be the same.

    Have you ever had or witenessed this problem?

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    That actually looks like it just failed because it wasn't up to the task. Odd you had two go, but maybe its just outside of tolerance for what they can cope with.

    Had this come back in on a build last year, but it took a hell of a shit kicking to do it....

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    in the end we found out that the most likely cause of the 2 broken clutches was that the "mechanic" had only fitted one dowel pin (instead of the 2 toyota has put in) between the engine block and gearbox.
    This most likely caused a misalignment between the crank and input shaft that the clutch plate had to try to deal with ... and didnt ...

    IF you want something done right then do it yourself scenario ....

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