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Thread: Mr2 spyder 1mz-fe swap, need input

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    Mounted trans to engine, axles fit, now to finding the sweet spot and making mounts. Can稚 figure out how to post pictures on here, looks like I知 limited to two attachments, if anyone can help here.

    My current issue is with the fuel system. Would I go usdm 94-95 Camry 1mz because they had return style or how to I get it to work for the mr2 spyder

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    Update: LH transmission mount done. Using usdm 3mz rails for the perfect fit for the spyder. Same part number for the fuel rails as the 1mzfe, at least in a Sienna.

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    I need help with the fuel system. The spyder is returnless system with the fuel pressure regulator in the tank. The 00 1mz is also returnless, however it uses the charcoal canisters and fuel filters, and I知 not sure how to make it work. I知 going to be using Camry ecu in tandem. Please help here

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