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Thread: What model of MR2 mk2 to put a 2GR-FE into?

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    What model of MR2 mk2 to put a 2GR-FE into?

    I'm planning how to go about getting a mk2 MR2 with a 2GR-FE while I save money to get the car, the engine and the other bits to do the conversion and my thinking was to get an M-reg or older turbo because it wouldn't need a cat and also it would already have the E153 gearbox and brakes big enough to cope with when it has the 2GR-FE in it. I thought the extra money for a turbo model would probably be worth paying as I could get a newer car that doesn't need a cat than if I got a NA plus I get a stronger gearbox and bigger brakes. Have I got this right or does it not really matter?

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    Rev 2 onwards brakes are all the same size turbo or na. Only difference was the rev 1 89-90. A tubby will set you back alot more money than a na too. Although you can break it for more. Personnaly I perfer my rev 1. Because it handles a lot better than the rev 2 onwards. I’ve had many different revisions so can tell. But I have changed the brakes to a set of later ones. You would be best off getting a clean bodied car than thinking about age or tubby or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by byrney1984 View Post
    You would be best off getting a clean bodied car than thinking about age or tubby or not.
    Body condition is everything
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    Thanks for the advice guys. I will look for one with no rust and nice bodywork.

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    Agreed, shell condition would be my number one priority, everything else can be replaced fairly easily.

    Tricky question on the gearbox type, the turbo gearbox is advised on the 2gr because it is rated to cope with the torque, but its gearing is not ideal and feels too short, especially in first, however it is proven to take the abuse and for that reason it's the correct one to use.

    I have used the NA gearbox on my own build before, but only because if it blew up i can easily swap it for another, but they are nowhere near rated high enough for 2gr power levels, basically you would be taking a gamble on that. The upside of the NA gearbox is better gearing, especially if you use an Avensis S series or St202 JDM gearbox, both have longer final drives, couple those to the Woodsport extended 5th gear mod and it would be pretty good, but still inherently weak to use on a 2gr.

    Another option is to use Celica Gt4 final drive in the Mr2 turbo gearbox, or USDM V6 Camry manual internals, both will give you the correct gearing.

    Finally there is the 6 speed options, which you can either use the EA61 from the Auris D4D (with a lot of modification i hasten to add) but will be plenty strong for the 2gr and stupidly long gearing (70mph-2000rpm) but be aware the stock 2gr ECU does not like cruising at those loads and will go into limp mode in 6th, so a standalone ECU would be required.

    The final option is one i have used myself twice now and currently on a customers Mk1, the EB60 from the Scion, it too requires a lot of mods to work, but offers the strength and gearing to match the 2gr, but i have yet to finish the kit for that.

    Everything else you choose is personal preference on revision etc, but as above chassis condition would be my priority followed by gearbox choice.

    Hope that helps.

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    That's very helpful thanks Paul.

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    If it helps, found a load of crashed rx350 with 2gr engines in the salvage auctions last month. Think that will work out the cheapest way to grab an engine. around 21-2400quid with just smashed up body, the odd one with a wheel off.
    That's only part of the puzzle though :D

    They are just over 10 years old now so more and more of them should start to crop up cheaper. I hope! Seen some running ones for 3k, but with high miles.

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    If your building one from scratch then id but as good as condition shell as possible. Na or turbo doesnt matter. Get the shell shot blasted, any rust removed and repaired then fully protected.
    These cars are getting on now so it wilk be next to impossible to find one with no rust.
    Brakes rev 2 onwards are what you want- na and turbo are the same.
    If your going to the hassle of building a 2gr then buy the gearbox seperate anyway. The money you save buying a na and a turbo will prob be enough for the decent gearbox as paul has mentioned

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