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Thread: Digital dash on my v8 DNA430

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    Digital dash on my v8 DNA430

    Just posting to get a little back info before going the full digital dash route
    It seems all digital dash implants use data from the OBD2 port, whilst my car is in a general panel prep state I'm looking to use a 'realdash app' as an introduction into the digital dash domain. This generates a few problems for me.
    As suggested by Paul many years ago, I have kept a functioning ECU and have 100% working dash, my question is does the obd2 port on a 2000 mk3 mr2 have the ability to output live data for the 'trivial' functions such as indicator, main beam, alt light, abs light etc... as found on a standard analogue instrument cluster, if not I may have to use the Dashbox as a go between.
    Any information will be helpful

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    Hi Darren, none of those simpler functions are output within OBD2 i'm afraid.

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