I forgot I had posted on here about this.

I did post up on IMOC absolute irrefutable proof of everything, including him fitting a cheap eBay fuel pump instead of the agreed TRE he swayed me to go with, the fuel filter not done but charged for including the labour, 6 missing gearbox bolts at the bottom of the housing, shocking and dangerous wiring, loose everything and missing bolts all over the place, the fact that the cops where never informed of the supposed break in to his car where the thieves “stole my keys”, emails from cops confirmed this, sending me an alarm fob to replace the one that got “stolen” with an alarm fob from a completely different make of alarm and independent reports backing all this and more.

Not forgetting VAT on absolutley everything including the ghost work and parts.

Sadly it got removed by the mods. To be fair given how I initially responded on two forums about the guy I don’t really blame them.

I have extensive pics and screenshots/texts of everything I claimed this chap did to me plus more.

Legal action?

It would appear he is in an awful lot of bother, from many different angles. Not just what he did to my car but plenty other customers he stole from and ripped off over the years.