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Thread: 3vz-fe turbo conversion

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    Well another update.
    After a long 6 hour drive to collect the engine from Pat( many thanks ) I thought I'll just pull the whole motor to pieces and give it the once over. I called at a local engine specialist this morning with the little man in tow. Asked the owner to have a look at the bores because I wasn't 100% sure what marks are within spec etc. He reckons its done a fair few miles but is good shape and no need to be honed etc. The little man was in awe of all the engines and machines everywhere and well maybe me too. He's more of a biker than cars but I'm turning him into a car lover.

    Anyway the more interesting bits. No one knows much about the block. But after a tear down I can conclude that it has been fitted into a MR2 or at least had a machined out flywheel fitted to it

    Judging by the marks on the crank shaft.

    I started with this

    Quick strip of all the bits like the cam belt back plate, coolant pipes, oil pump( which looks rather new and not a Toyota one), Sump etc.
    Checked the big end shells and as I thought from turning it by hand they were shot. But not totally gone so the crank is in good shape

    Then flipped it over on a pallet to remove the pistons.

    Once out and checked, numbered etc. I noticed that they are in fact 0.5mm oversized pistons. the big end shells were not original either. Meaning that the block has had a overhaul before. Pistons rings and bores all in good shape and perfectly usable. Just need a clean.

    Then removed the lower crank shaft cradle. I think that's what it's called.

    Checked the mains and thrust washers. One main has a build of material and gouged the thrust washer. No matter as I'm rebuilding it.

    The next hurdle was the oil pressure switch had snapped leaving the thread in the block.

    Out with the only Snap on tooling I actually paid for and not acquired. A set of extractors and an awesome bit of kit.
    Just drilled out the thread then knock in the splined shaft.

    Then it's just a case of sliding the removal nut on the shaft and winding it out.

    It was bloody tight though. Because I had to drill it out again and use a bigger extractor. But got it out

    Lastly for the evening I have removed all the old gasket material from everywhere and cleaned all the surface rust off best I could.

    Although I might get the block decked with the smallest amount removed just so it's a perfect finish.
    Well thanks to Chris and Pat. Hopefully I'll be able to bring it out soon singing a merry song of boost.
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    Pay day yesterday. So after scrawling the internet for a few hours. I bought myself some Mitsubishi 3000 gto ARP main studs( head studs and nuts ) I’ve been doing a lot of research mainly on the US swaps and I knownits kinda old news but these are what people have used for running boosted 3vz’s. Same thread pitch etc. You just need to turn a couple mm off 2 threads for the exhaust cam gear clearance. Incase anyone else is mad enough to follow me yhe kit number is 207-5801. Don’t get mistaken with the head stud kit 207-4205. Cost me £200 so not bad. I am looking at forged rods too. But at £1100 its a bit pricey and I have know idea where to get forged pistons. I know Paul used some on whoozy’s build many moons ago. But I can’t find any non custom ones. So if anyone has some information I would be really grateful. Cheers.

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    And another brief update. Just ordered all my required bottom end bearings. Mains, big end and thrust washers. All king bearings bearings as these are good quality. Well from previous experience and I ordered a few other little odds and end like a couple of AN6 fittings and silicone hoses. Because I’m going to us the charcoal canister. The engine bay is really going to be cramped haha. Just another £110 lighter urgh
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    Nice work!

    I'm using a cometic MLS head gasket for a 5vzfe with 88mm bores, you have to ring up to get them to cut the bores to a different size, it was $90 per gasket.

    You can buy ARP studs that have been pre cut down by this company, they are the same as the 5vzfe.

    Also the valve train kit for the 5vzfe that LCE sell fits the 3vzfe.

    I'm running 13psi, soon to be 15, with the mls headgasket and arp studs.

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    Thanks for the info mate. Be interesting to see your build. Not mych has happened this week. Except I’m getting the crank polished. These turned up today

    Normal AN6 fitting and a compression fitting to adapt a hard pipe. Also my new cambelt arrived. Give it a couple of weeks and it should start lookkng like an engine again.
    In the mean time I bought a pit bike as a none runner. To get running and sell on. Or just mess around on. Even thought about doing a drift trike with the engine.

    Well worth £40. I paid £20 for the mini moto hahaha.

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    For pistons: arias piston used to make them for Sea2Sky, I emailed them a bit over a year ago and they can still make them, they will make them to the compression ratio and bore size you want. It was $960 for the set.

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    Cheers mate I’ll check them out. Might be something for the other engine because of the cost

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    These arrived today

    Not bad delivery time really. Just have to wait until Wednesday to pick up my polished crank from the engine specialist. Then it’s time for the build. Hopefully my ARP head bolts will arrive soon. Then the fun can begin again.
    In the mean time the little man loves the bike. He’s motorbike mad haha

    Everything is on order for that little side project. Should be like new by friday. Then up for sale after the weekend. Owes me £90 so not a bad profit if I get the £200 asking price.

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    Picked my crankshaft back up from the engine shop all shinny and smooth as the day it was installed. May as well start from the ground up with good footings.

    Head bolts have arrived also. So tomorrow afternoon I will bolt it all back together with a genuine Toyota waterpump and gasket kit. With the exception of the head gaskets which are Victor Reinz.
    All good timing as I finished my 125 pit bike last night and stuck it up for sale

    Did a full strip down full re-spray and rebuilt with a lot of new parts. Its F’in quick too. So have to sell it because I’ll break my neck in it lol. But the lil lad loved riding it around the workshop with me haha.
    Stay tuned for some more boring pictures of yet another 3vz being put back together

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