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Thread: 3vz-fe turbo conversion

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    Cheers Paul. Have you heard of many belts jumping teeth?

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    Not normally, it's generally a sign that something wasn't assembled correctly, or in extreme cases tensioner failure, but out of hundreds of conversions I've never had a tensioner fail.

    It needs further investigation I think.

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    Thats what I was thinking. Hopefully I’ll find the problem with it in the car. But if it needs to come out again so be it. Just more annoying than anything. As its was all more or less finished. But I’m not giving up on it

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    Well its been a while due to commitments etc and a broken rib. But I have managed to finish welding up my exhaust by pass. Just need to mount the actuator and return spring. Haven't had time to look into the zero compression issue in great depth. Except I have pulled the rockers and upper timing belt cover. Everything looks good. Checked the cylinders with an endoscope and in one cylinder there is some strange fillings in there. Not sure exactly what they are so I am going to open the engine up and have a looks see. So my build is going to be at least another 6 weeks. Well that and a house move.
    Here's some pictures of my exhaust. I think it has turned out rather well, even if I do say so myself. You should like it Chris

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    Here's a few pictures of my homemade Polycarbonate engine cover. Made from Stainless flat bar for the frame and 4mm polycarbonate.

    I made this last summer just to show the whole engine bay off and also help keep it cooler. Works a treat.

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    I keep meaning to gas strut my engine lid. I got half a dozen camry ones sitting in a box for that reason.

    Chloroform is actually the solvent for the acrylic, instead of screws, you could have fixed your vent with we have to sign a declaration to get it......

    but looks good
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    Hahaha don’t think we are allowed to buy that here anymore. Although there probably is a kit online that it comes with a rag, 10mm thick cable ties and some rope. ��
    The gas strut is a cupboard door 150N one. Think it was 99p of flea bay.

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    Well time for a quick update. After pulling the lower cam belt cover and a quick word with Chris on the phone( thank you kind sir) the belt had jumped a few teeth. The tensionser had seized and also the pully was slightly loose not finger loose but I un done it with the short end of an allen key. I retimed the belt and was only getting 30 psi in one cylinder. So there is definitley something a miss. But not to worry I’ll pull the lump out this weekend. Well Monday as I’m taking the lad to see the red arrows. And tomorrow I’m picking a 3vz up off Pat( thanks again). So I will rebuild this on the bench and stick it in asap. Only down side is its a 2 week wait for the victor reinz gasket kit from the states. The last one served me well. But to keep me busy I’ll tear my 3vz down have a good look and put it on the racking until I can afford to forge it. Although for the same money I could have done a 2gr swap. But I like to be different. Plus I might have it painted for the shows next year. So give it about 6 weeks and it should be in and boosting. Maybe less just depends if I’m allowed any more spare time in the workshop

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    I think Pat has a spare Reinz head gasket - long story but grab it off him, it may come in useful later in the movie.


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    Ok cheers Chris I’ll ask him tomrrow if he wants to sell it. After researching the little on FI 3vz I could find I think they are the best. Otherwise I think the 5vzfe mls gasket will fit but the bore is 6mm bigger.
    I will keep every one posted on the closing stages hahaha

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