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Thread: 3vz-fe turbo conversion

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    I showed pictures to the boss, i may even get an

    Either that or i build a v8 rx8.......or ej20t bug
    of course I dont care, your a muppet!!!

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    Haha just build one. Think I’ve spent around £2000 on it. Probably can be done cheaper but I have gone a bit mad. I hoping to have to running at some point today. As soon as the misses gets up and relieves me of little man duties. I’ll down the workshop all day.

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    Ive already got a running v6 sitting in the shed...

    Manuaĺ, body kit/painted, huge audio for an mr2(4×10 inch subs)......

    Started to price it up, from what extra i need, to make it run properly is under 1000nzd.......10psi.
    Turbo, pipe work, oil cooler/filter relocation, turbo timer, manual boost controller and a BOV....
    of course I dont care, your a muppet!!!

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    If you can do it. Give it a go. But you will need a piggy back m for the ecu maybe bigger injectors and fuel pump etc. If you want any measurements from mine just let me know. I had it running today. Overflueling like fuck. But there is something a miss with the fuel pump wiring. But getting there.

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    Got mates that have "gone large", with supras, so plenty of left overs to sift

    Id go stand alone, no piggy back for me... besides plenty of them in the left overs bin, for rum or beer....
    of course I dont care, your a muppet!!!

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    Just a depressing update. The bloody engine has no compression on all cylinders. So after a quick glance looks like the cam belt has jumped some teeth. Well that's what I'm thinking due to the engine not firing and then all of a sudden spinning over faster. So looks like I will have to have a proper look this weekend... Any suggestions would be appreciated for this minor set back. My fault I should have checked the belt before refitting the engine. Although it was running when removed. Cheers in advance for any help or a spare engine that is reasonably priced. I've had to turn a 10mm socket right down on the lathe because its a tight to get the timing case bolts out with the engine in situ. If anyone has done a cam belt some tips would be great. Many thanks

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    Have you had it apart at all before now? Check the belt tensioner at the bottom.

    Dont think they are interferance, so should be "OK", paul woodsport, will be along

    You can do it in the car though, as there is more space than with the 3s...though with your intercooler fitted might be a pain

    Top cover and mount need to come off to make it easier, tensioner off the bottom. Idler pully out of the middle of the the v.. line up the marks, get the belt on the front pully, with a couple of wooden clothes pegs. Wind the back pulley forward belt on it idler in wind rear pully back and if it lines ip, put the tensioner back in.....easy, takes maybe twice as long to do in the car...but can be done, much swearing and cuts and scrapes, but it can
    of course I dont care, your a muppet!!!

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    I had a belt break on an 3VZ - I found the tensioner had seized causing the belt to be overly tight. Belt snapped at high revs with no damage to the engine. Mine is in a mk1 but wasn't difficult to change just fiddly - fit a new tensioner with a new belt and idlers. Got mine from Rockauto America half the price of UK source and arrived in 3 days - Dayco belt seems ok.

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    Cheers lads. Yeah I rebuild the whole engine 18months ago and it ran fine. Just happened since putting it back in with the turbo. Sketchy it is a non interference engine. So should be all good. The belt is still tensioned up as I have the rockers off at the moment and everything is turning as it should. So just a case of a new belt kit. I think. Just wanted to know if it could be done in the car to save me pulling it all back out again. Thanks

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    Replaced many V6 belts in the car and they are indeed non interference.

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