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Thread: 3vz-fe turbo conversion

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    Will you have enough room to remove and install a larger intercooler after engine installation? It's a pretty tight fit with the 3SGTE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SonicShadow View Post
    Will you have enough room to remove and install a larger intercooler after engine installation? It's a pretty tight fit with the 3SGTE.
    Yeah its bloody tight but with the alternator and hanger bracket removed it’ll come out. Then the greddy one will fit without the shroud. So it’ll leave a little bit more room. I’ll upfate my thread later when I’m on my break in work. Just been really busy.

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    Right another update as have some spare time.
    A bit more progress on my exhaust bypass system.The Remus tail pipes arrived so cut them down and made blanking plates for the ends

    Quick mock up of them against my back box

    Cut out a 2.5" hole for the exhaust pipe to go in to the rear of the tail pipe and then lobster backed the pipes to fit

    I'm only having one that is functional for now. Mainly because I can't be bothered to join the driver side pipe up. I will do one day
    All that's left is to TIG it all up but I want to check fitment first and add my linear solenoid.
    Also here is a pic of the turbo exit pipe heat wrapped and you might be able to see the dizzy heat shield

    With most of the fabrication work done engine wise it was time to turn to the fuel lines

    with the tank lifted back with the supra pump. I run AN-6 S/S braided hoses from the tank to the opposite side of the engine bay, away from the hot exhaust. Upgraded the fuel filter and mounted it with a nice pair aluminium clamps. Whilst in this corner I tarted up an old OEM intercooler and shroud. For those wondering why I'm using a stock intercooler, its because it cost me £8 for the shroud and intercooler. So for now it will do. As space is very limited in this area because of the front bank and alternator. I have fitted a 8" slim line push fan inside the shroud to blow air in rather than the usual pull fan that draws air in to the engine bay.

    I have relocated the engine fuse box into the boot, just to create a bit of extra space mainly for my oil filter relocation kit. I think I only needed to extend a few wires nothing major. Although I did have to reroute harness where it crosses over the gearbox. I also wrapped it in heat reflective tape. If it does anything other than look shinny I'll let you all know. But shinny is nice.

    So with most of the bay tidied up I lifted the engine etc back in for around the 4th or 5th time. I think when the mortgage is finalised for our new house etc I will be buying a 2 post ramp.

    Once it was in on all four mounts I could start to make the intercooler pipes. Also I forgot I had to clock the turbo to get it to fit and line up with the oil feed and return holes.

    Quick test for my oil cooler as well

    Heres a quick pic of my apexi air filter and heat shield. Its a tight squeeze but it fits. also my nicely painted fuel pipes

    Oil filter relocated this is where I will take my turbo oil feed from as well as the oil temp sensor. I fitted a turbo jacket to try and keep the temperature down along with heat wrapping the whole exhaust. You can also see the take off barbs that I turned and welded to the pipe work for the IACV and BOV. Think these would have cost around £20. Stuff that 30 mins on the lathe at the most

    I have also fitted an adjustable fuel pressure regulator and all the AN10 oil lines along with new an6 fuel lines from the filter to the fuel rail. Although I kept the original banjo fitted because its an unusual size. M12 on the fuel rail side and m14 on the fuel pulsation dampener side. I just attached the lines to it using a 5/16" compression fitting to AN6. I have repainted the top of the engine too and fitted my breather pipes to my catch tank. I only used the AN10 hoses because I have a couple of metre's spare. I just bought 4 jubilee clamps with fake AN nuts over them to finish the lines

    Last pictures for now. This just shows how the engine is looking now. I have fitted the T bolt clamps. Which were a lot more expensive than I remember. I have also swapped the oil cooler fan for 2 slim line ones. As they were free.

    I'm not far for completion with it now. Just a few vacuum lines, the heater matrix hoses, a lot of wiring work for the piggy backs. But I have already made and fitted the stupidly long harnesses, and just general tidying up.

    Forgot to mention because I have been asked. I am using a S54 gearbox, with a machined out 3SGTE flywheel. So I have had a custom friction plate made that is 236mm diameter but with 20 teeth. So a mix of both turbo and non turbo. Then I have a uprated 3SGTE pressure plate. When I get chance I will fit a MRS LSD and the extended fifth gear into my spare gearbox and then swap them over. I also have a spare 3SGE flywheel machine to fit a v6 and a LUK full clutch kit brand new in the box. Ideal for your standard swap. Also if anyone wants any measurement etc to do this swap just let me know and I'll sort them out. Hopefully I will update this again soon

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    You know if have heard a lot of people talk about doing this but it's quite amazing to see it happen.

    You've got some mad skills there sir.



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    Yeah I have done a lot of looking into the turbo 3vz and could only find Paul Woods (whoozy’s)one from years ago and the odd bit of footage from a couple of Americans on Youtube. So it must be quite a rare sight I guess. I won’t be keeping it hidden away either. If I get chance I’ll try and take it to a few shows. Although it really needs painting but I’m never too fussed about paint more about the engine bay.

    I don’t know about skills, more like I’ll just give it ago haha. But thanks

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    Just a small update because I couldn't resist. I will be fitting this Nitrous Express NOS kit to the old beast.

    Should make things interesting mostly just for display and maybe for use on the dyno.
    I managed to get a hour on the car before work today and have it cranking at full speed on the key. It was very sluggish and I put it done to the knackered battery. But after a bit of thinking whilst putting new sills in my sisters car this weekend. I thought it might be a crap earth. It was much to my delight, the main body earth didn't have a very good ground. maybe next weekend I'll be able to post a video of it running. Fingers crossed

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    Had another spare hour this morning so thought I'd crank the engine over to get the oil everywhere it should be and check for leaks. But after 5 minutes I go the urge to put the king HT lead on the dizzy and just see what happens. I was ready fire extinguisher at hand. Here 's what happened
    http://<a href="</a>
    Just teased me so much. At one point after the video it run for a couple of brief seconds. But there is no fuel in the tank as I drained before changing the pump. So petrol station in the morning and an update tomorrow evening.
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    Its arrived as described. Big grin when I opened the box.

    I was a bit scared by the shear size of the Nos bottle at first. Because I wanted to mount it on the rear window shelf bit. Above the coat hanger. As I wanted to fit a CRY02 kit( CO2 sprayer kit to cool the charge temps down) for those track and show days. I just didn't realise how big a 10lb bottle is. So it will be mounted in between the seats where the CD storage cupboard thing is and I guess the CRY02 bottle will have to wait for now lol.

    I'll post a picture tomorrow of a quick mock up. Then sort it all out this weekend...

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    Here’s the bottle mock up. Gotta fit a blow down pipe incase it over pressurises with heat. So it’ll vent outside of the car and not make me laugh like John Candy to quote Chris. Lol.
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    Low key tool box sticker......
    of course I dont care, your a muppet!!!

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