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Thread: 3vz-fe turbo conversion

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    Just read the whole thread, keep up the good work mate!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whore of Babylon View Post
    Just read the whole thread, keep up the good work mate!
    Cheers mate it is taking a lot longer than I want but I get less time down the workshop at the moment. But its good to know people are still interested in my build.

    Got stuff all done today because of the really bad weather. The wind chill was -4. Although I did get another present for car a set of new plugs. All singing and dancing or at least they should for the price

    Just spent a few hours tidying up and helping the brother in law do a head lining. Hopefully tomorrow will yield better weather.
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    Back to it again. Doesn’t look like much has been done. But I fitted the down pipes, main coolant lines, all my oil lines, cooler and filter. Changed the hose length as I routed it slightly different. Fitted my boost pipes with the charge temperature sensors and started to plumb in my Apexi boost solendoid.
    Just 3 pics today I’m affraid.

    Although I do like the Nos bottle on show haha. Just got a lot of rewiring and a few bits. But I should have it ready for firing up tomorrow. Fingers crossed

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    Well had a few hours of wiring up the old beast and done enough to get it running along with fresh oil. Had it cranking over to get the oil circulated then my battery gave up the ghost. I should have charged it last night. But will be posting a video for all to see of it running tomrrow hopefully. Turned over lovely so its looking promising. Then I started to plumb in my Nos kit. A bit tricky as I’m running out of free space haha.

    Heres a mock up of the solenoids placement and I’ll need to weld another bung for the nozzle just after the dump valve port. Also I’ll be taking the fuel feed from the cold start injector feed. As its a constant pressure from the fuel rail.

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    Brilliant. That looks complicated, but I must say I'm excited to see the video.

    Here's an engine from simpler times, just to chuckle at in the meantime.


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    Haha almost as much as me. Just can’t wait to get down the workshop in the morning. Should have another 4hours tinkering time ha. Christ that is a good old basic engine bay. Think mine looks worse(or cooler) than it is because its all to crammed in. But over time I can organise it better. Thanks for following Chris its been along road. Hopefully I’ll get it to the first show I can in the new year. Be rough bodied but I don’t care about paint too much haha.

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    Actually thought about how mad a morrie minor engine bay would look with a 1uz in it......I'll get my coat
    of course I dont care, your a muppet!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sketchy View Post
    Actually thought about how mad a morrie minor engine bay would look with a 1uz in it......I'll get my coat
    Well until I drove one the other day I had a similar idea. Spoiler alert - Moggie @ 70mph = "terrifying".


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    /thread hijack on

    Was either 1uz or sr20det, with a chopped chassis with grafted in front and rear sylvia subframes. Modern diff and suspension, old school looks....but there are plenty of v8, and "mad minor" a 180sx/minor build

    My v6 lives again today. New plugs and leads make it run so good.....

    /thread highjack off.

    How big a NOs shot you giving?

    Aiming for a dyno "fulllll pulll" anytime soon? (Yeah i been watching cleetus and his big turbo truck engined c6 vette)
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    of course I dont care, your a muppet!!!

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    Haha that would raise some eyebrows at the lights. I did see a nissan micra fitted with a Saab 2.0 turbo engine for sale once. Even had a dummy stock tail pipe and steel wheels hahaha

    Well back on topic heres a couple of links (because I don’t know how to upload direct videos) of my car starting up for the first time.

    Ignore the smoke etc the exhaust isn’t joined to the back box yet and there is a lot of crap to burn off on the pipes. Still loads to do like wiring and tidying fitting my nos kit. Not sure what shot I’ll run. Think I’ll let the dyno results decide it. plus I need to chop the front towing eye and weld it a few inches to the side. Then fit my bumper. So keep watching
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