Well as promised a very long time ago, here is my thread on my 3VZ-FE turbo conversion. This is just a brief introduction and I will load more pictures and some sentences that explain the madness.
So a quick run down. I am running a garret hybrid T3/4 turbo( can't remember the A.R at the moment) mounted over the gearbox and is complimented by a lot of custom bits. From the mount itself to the 2-1 exhaust then the outlet exhaust, all AN10 stainless braided oil lines with a cooler and HKS hybrid magnetic oil filter and relocation kit. Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator, AN6 stainless braided fuel lines from the tank back, with a Supra fuel pump and injectors.Management wise, I'm using all Apexi piggybacks. SAFC 2, for fueling, AVCR for the boost, RSM for show as I have a G force sensor with it. Plus the shift light function triggers a relay for my exhaust by pass valve. Apexi turbo timer, Innovate wideband with the air fuel ratio gauge, various gauges including charge temperature, boost etc... here are a couple of pictures of where I'm up to at the moment. I'll update more tomorrow evening. just wanted to see what people thin

Well I hope that entertains someone for now. Please keep an eye out for this build. My aim is 320 BHP to start and I know I could do that with a 2gr or even a 4 pot 3sgte. But I want to be different and I like building my car not buying it.