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Thread: 3vzfe automatic swap

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    3vzfe automatic swap

    Has any one ever done a 3vzfe automatic swap in an mr2 mk2? I was planing on do this. Any one that can help is appreciated.

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    A minefield of problems im afraid,where do i start....

    You can't use the camry auto box,for many reasons,mounts ar not the same as the mr2 auto box for just one.

    So you would need to mate the mr2 auto box to the v6,that can be done,mechanically yes the box can fit the v6.However its electrically where it all falls apart.

    You will then need the camry ecu to plug into the mr2 box (not sure if the plugs are the same) if they aren't (which im pretty sure is the case) then you would need to rewire the camry plug wires onto the mr2 plug.

    Now presuming the above works then the camry ecu is going to want to try and shift what it thinks is a camry box at certain rpm/load points.But the gearing is different between camry and mr2 box so i have no idea how that would drive,it might be horrendous with the change up or change down happening at the completely wrong time.

    Another idea would be to keep the original mr2 ecu in the loop,but just to control the mr2 auto box,so you would have the v6 ecu just controlling the engine and the mr2 one on the box... but then you need to supply the mr2 ecu with the same inputs from the engine that it was getting on the 4 cylinder engine,so tacho output,tps etc would all need fiddling with.

    You would also need to figure out a way to get the mr2 ecu to retard the v6 ignition timing between gearshifts,which i have no idea how you would do that.

    In all i might be wrong about some or all of the above,but until someone tries and works around all of the problems we will never know,likewise you could add a dozen more unseen problems to the list that we aren't aware of yet.

    If i was going to "have a go" id be trying to repin the camry auto plugs onto the mr2 box plugs,seems the simplest route but as ive said it might shift at the wrong times/too early/too late.

    The alternative is to flappy paddle an mr2 box using goldys kit,but then you would lose your full automatic feature,but id rather have paddles anyway than a full auto on an mr2.

    Hope that helps a little,we have given it a lot of thought in the past but it just seems very frought with issues.It might be a lot simpler in reality! We need someone with the balls to have a go.
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    Seems easier to learn to drive a manual :P Joking :P

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    My flappy paddle kit would do the trick of running the auto box as paul said.

    I'm still working on developing some paddles for it. I'd be able to wire it up the autobox for you Let me know where you're based maybe we could work something out?



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    My plan was to put a 3vzfe engine mated with the A540E transmission and into the mr2. I am almost done putting the engine together and is waiting on the mount and a few other stuff. What does this flappy paddle kit do? Some trouble that I've already discover is the shift linkage does not reach the transmission can any one help on this? And does any one have a rear timing cover that they are willing to sell?:idea: :idea: :idea: :idea:

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    Quote Originally Posted by FourVeeSix
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    DOH lol

    If someone pays for travel i'll go! :thumbsup:

    87sup1989 : The flappy paddle box is a tiptronic kit for 4 speed electronic controlled automatic gearboxes. It means you have full control over the box yourself and don't need the ecu to manage it (if you're changing engines / ecu's). You'll still need the stick though to put it into neutral / reverse.

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    hi guys,im starting an auto v6 swap myself so will keep you all posted on results

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    I know this is a bit old but I am allmost ready to start up my v6 auto. And I had trouble with this.
    My shift cable seemed too short at first too. But in reality it is a bit too long (hits the manifold). You can't use the camrys trans lever the way it is. It is 180' off and just a bit too long to work well with the mr2's shit lever (the lever won't want to lock in to the slots. Use one from the mr2's auto. And you need to cut the cable retaining tab off of the origonal mr2 trannys cable bracket and weld it to the camry's trannys cable bracket to change the angle from the top to going into shift lever from the side.

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    update guys,auto 3vz-fe up and running.have made a custom h pattern shifter for gear selection,looks like a manual shift.
    works fine but no auto at all.i can confirm the gear ratios suit the v6 perfectly.86kph in 1st,146 in 2nd
    more to come

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    Did you use the MR2 box for that? Can you shift to all the gears or can you only get 1st 2nd and OD?

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