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Thread: Project Valtezza

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    I feel the same on my turbo v6 build thread. But as long as people are interested I’ll keep posting until its up and running. Then people can tell me if it was worth when I get it to the shows.

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    I visit every day and keep up to date with all the build threads, so keep posting
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimi View Post
    I visit every day and keep up to date with all the build threads, so keep posting
    What he said :thumbsup:

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    Even ol JB still visits regularly to check what you are all up to!
    Can't be doing with facebook.

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    Fb is for sharing content about food/drinks/people....most car stuff comes here.

    That said i did start a closed group for my car stuff, to share with people who dont trawl tb......heathens
    of course I dont care, your a muppet!!!

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    Have you made any progress lately Paul?

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    Yes I've now torn it back down to the bare frame for painting and final assembly, also stripped the v6 down for its rebuild so lots of pretty pics coming soon.

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    Oh can’t wait. It will be an animal. I keep helping the brother in law with his Dutton pharton. But only because I want to have a blast in it lol. Keep up the hard work I’m sure theres loads of picture whores just waiting to see your work.

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