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Thread: The 2016 Car Show Thread with new Pictures

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    Both trucks above are International Harvester trucks. The bottom red one, the Mexican hauler, it's a 1971 and has some Ford parts in it from the factory. The yellow one is powered by a small block Chevy, probably a 350 but could be a 305. It wasn't done very well in person- it almost looked like I did it haha

    But yeah, Jamie really likes those Z3s, but I wonder do they come in an automatic because she doesn't like manual shift cars. Eh- no way I'd buy one of those without a stick in it. :)

    Not sure where the next big show is, but I'm taking Hemi #3. :)

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    Z3's do come in auto form and Bmw make some of the best auto boxes in the world but you'd want at least the 2.5 litre engine

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    Its hard to find a manual z3, with the big motor here....most of ours are auto shit boxes
    of course I dont care, your a muppet!!!

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