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Thread: Mikes Garage Transmission Overview Video

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    Mikes Garage Transmission Overview Video

    Hey guys...I figured since I pulled the engine and tranny out of my 93 turbo to put a throw out bearing in..that I would make a video. An overview of the e153 MR2 turbo transmission. I thought maybe this could be helpful to those of you that are fairly new to the MR2. I plan on doing more videos all based on MR2s

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    Hi Mike,

    That is a pretty cool video. That gearbox looks clean enough to eat you dinner off! More videos please!



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    Fantastic video, it's really well made and informative, keep them coming I'd love to see some more, maybe walk around a 3vz / 1mz engine?

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    Im glad you guys like it.More vids soon! Keep the ideas coming.

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    Good video - nice pace, good background - more please :)

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    Very impressive Mike, keep the videos coming.

    “Where I'm going is not nearly as important as what I'm driving to get there.”
    ― Jay Leno

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    Thanks guys... Im trying to get more videos out soon.

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