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Thread: Lambo Doors

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    Lambo Doors

    I know, I know. Almost too embarrassed to type this. Lambo/Vertical Doors - any idea where to get a proper good job done? Full 90 degrees - none of this 75 degree nonsense. Thx

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    You can pickup hinges to replace the stock ones, that much I know. Torero used to have a set.

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    Roger that! I'll do the digging thingy on t'internet. Thanks man.

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    I think 90 degree is going to be a tough or expensive one as the loading on the hinge is going to be enormous.

    Even with the 75 degree ones I had (which I never fitted) I was given so much advice on the fact that they need continuous adjustment to stop them from dropping as the doors are heavy and the additional leverage can create issues . So I'd suggest you go with the 75 degrees but ensure that the gas struts are a good quality and that they have an elliptical hinge as well which enables the door to move out before it moves up and also operate as a normal door would open and close. :thumbsup:

    We have a member on here Simon, who was at JAE a couple of years ago with his and it looked good his build thread is here well worth a read.

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    yeah man! Thanks for that! It was well worth the read. Appreciate it.

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    Each to their own, but No, just No.

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    What he says - improve/customise whatever, but don't bastardise - please !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phaeton View Post
    Each to their own, but No, just No.
    Hahah! After Mr Woods does the V6 - it's having a rather dramatic re-body anyway. Lambo doors will be the least of the travesties.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Deuce Coupe View Post
    What he says - improve/customise whatever, but don't bastardise - please !

    Sooooo too late!

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