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Thread: coolant hoses keep popping off

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    I think a 0.9 would do for now, it should be expanding into the bottle, not on the floor. It will not do your engine any good having the coolant eject.

    What juby clips you using? I either use really decent ones (not cheap pressed rubbish), or the Totty spring clips, theyre pretty damn tight.

    This type:-

    Not this type:-

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    check how much engine movement you have, could be soft torque mounts giving excess engine rock pulling the hoses off, just an idea.

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    heater hoses are easy to get to without the OEM air box...both above the starter motor

    as for the main coolant lines, I tend to undo them from the top, and stuff the end of the garden hose into the rubber hose I take off the water pump, and the hockey stick that bolts to the firewall under the air box as well, just remember to flush it in both directions a couple of times...the first time each way wont get it all.
    of course I dont care, your a muppet!!!

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    the clip that came off last week was a chunky sturdy thing, looked more like a scaffold clamp. I haven't got any of the poundland specials on there (that I know of!). I'm going ot get the Koyo rad tested and if it's actually OK and not leaking like I thought, I'll stick that back on when I flush the system through. I had the expansion bottle off the weekend for a good clean out, and ran the hose through to clean the line between the bottle and the filler cap.

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    this is the clip that keeps coming off.. I did it up nice and tight the other day, but the hose came off again today sat in traffic.

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    Bloody hell. Ok you need to check for blockages, because that's just not right.

    Isolate and check the rad, fat pipes front back and the engine / thermostat itself.


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    how much of a pain is it to change the thermostat? I've got a new one sat in a box that I could pop in while I'm flushing the pipes. the first time this happened I had the koyo rad on, so the smaller OEM one on at the moment can't be solely to blame, but I wonder if it's not helping. I need to get the Koyo leak and flow tested and back on the car assuming it's all OK.

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    1mz in a mk3, dunno to be honest. Pretty sure it's above the starter motor, so fairly accessible.

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    wasn't too much faff to get to it. whipped it out and tested it and it started to open at the time time as the new one, so I guess that's ruled out. gave the system a blast through with the hose. it all came out nice and pink, no horrible brown crap. I'll pop it all back together and just fill with water for now and see how it goes for a few days before wasting more coolant. I'll also stick the 0.9 bar cap on and see what happens. if all goes well for a week or so, I'll drain the system and chuck coolant in, and assuming the test on the koyo she is its fine, lob that back on. now, is there enough time before sunset to put my new coilovers and droplinks in? :D

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    When did it start doing this? I'm assuming it was fine at some point then wasn't.

    Have you checked compression / leak down etc?


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