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Thread: coolant hoses keep popping off

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    Um, might want to keep a close eye on it. I've done similar before and it changed the behaviour a bit.

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    what changed? I've ordered a couple of 90 bends and some pipe so that I can get that hose off that's currently bodged on.

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    You might find it runs cooler or hotter than before, or struggles in traffic. Even the number of vanes on the water pump can make a difference (as proved by Paul Woods).

    It's probably fine, but considering the fun you have had with the hoses etc, just keep a close eye on it.


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    I won't mind if it runs cooler. after I'd bled the system (as much as I think it needed bloody bleeding) I let it run for a while so I could check the temp and for leaks. No leaks or fans kicking in which was a good start, but I did notice the expansion bottle was full, so maybe once I've got those new pieces of hose on I'll stick my 1.5 or the 1.3 bar cap back on. I won't be going too far with it until that's done, and I've got a big bottle of coolant in the frunk ready to use if something goes tits up before the postie arrives. I tried all the motor factors around here at the weekend and none of them stock large coolant hoses!

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