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Thread: coolant hoses keep popping off

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    coolant hoses keep popping off

    any ideas what the cause might be? I've got a 1mz which has been running fine for about 6 years now I guess. a few months ago a hose popped off round near the alternator. then a different one came loose between filler cap section and some rubber hose, and today a hose going into the engine block (above the gear shifter linkages) came off and caused more havoc on my way home.

    the car hasn't been running hotter than normal, and no sign of coolant in oil a few weeks ago when I changed it. I had to remove the large core alloy rad recently as it was leaking both ends near the hoses, but now I'm starting to think maybe the leak was between the rad and hose rather than through the fins. I chucked an OEM rad on and temps have been fine (warns up a lot quicker that's all).

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    Rad cap or coolant expansion bottle might be your first suspects.


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    And by rad cap in mean the one on the top of the filler neck, whichever one you ended up with!


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    I've got one with a trd sticker on it and 1.5 stamped in, so assume it's 1.5bar? what am I looking for in the expansion bottle or rad cap? I've got a spare cap in the shed that came with the car, I'll go and dig it out and see what it is.

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    ok, so the cap on the car currently is 1.5bar. I've got a 1.3 and a 0.9 in my spares box, as well as a thermostat I didn't know I had!

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    Swap out the cap for the 1.3, see how you get on with that.

    Check that the filler neck and expansion pipe and bottle are not blocked too.


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    Yes, agree Chris 1.5 bar is far too high, I even ran with the stock one of 1.1 on my 3VZ for a while.

    I am only surmising but if it's not a genuine TRD cap then feck knows what the exact rating is and how accurate it is. If it's a genuine Toyota 1.3 bar that would be far better.
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    looks like a genuine trd 1.5 but who knows. I put a new blitz 1.3 cap on today, but had try same pipe pop off on my way work as last night. probably not done up tight enough, I was being cautious not to squash the metal pipe work. Euro car parts will start to wonder wtf I'm doing with all this coolant! I noticed some sludge in the bottom of the expansion bottle earlier so I'll get it off tonight for a clean and check the connecting hose/pipe isn't blocked.

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    A bit odd. If you've got sludge present you might need to flush.

    It lives in the long metal pipes under the car usually. The way to get it out (and you will probably get wet and brown) is to disconnect the two pipes in the engine bay and shove a hose down one or both until it runs clear. That will flush the pipes and rad without getting it in the engine etc. Prob do the same with the heater hoses, the two 19mm pipes that duck behind the heat shield in the engine bay.


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    OK sounds doable thanks, heater hoses sound trickier to get to. I made it home last night and back in to work this morning OK, but spent a lot of time looking in the mirror waiting for steam! I've got a set of coilovers waiting to go on the car so I'll do it then while it's up on stands. do you think it's worth sourcing a 1.1bar filler cap?

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