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Thread: Bad Obsession Motorsports - Project Binky

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    New update as apparently they are nearly done.

    Next projects revealed also!

    No link sorry, don't know how to link a YouTube vid to here with my phone.

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    Episode 24 allegedly due this weekend, plus 2 other vids.

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    Ep 24 up, just watched it. Mainly final fit of all 3 rads and chargecooler pump / aircon compressor.

    With some ECU wiring geekery thrown in just for Paul...

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    Ep 25 scheduled for this weekend apparently.

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    Enjoyed that episode but the washer bottle/horn bracketry was ridiculously over complicated though, it just needed a normal plastic bottle from a Mini or other car on there..... that's the part i don't like, they go way over the top for Youtube views instead of just doing the simplest route.

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    We know they can build good stuff, not affraid of repurposing either...

    But buying a second hand washer bottle, making a splash sheild/horn mount in an afternoon, is better than a day and a half building a custom tank....

    If the just used repurposed parts, they would have driven it episodes ago....and that truck would be done too(probably would be onto the mg also....)
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    I got bored of watching this about 20 episodes ago.


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