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Thread: Project Phoenix - A barn find story

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    Wow, my arches look so good on that car, coming on a treat, looking forward to seeing this one roll.

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    Quick little snap thismorning.

    I've done some ordering of parts and cleaned up and re-installed the wiring loom. So just waiting on deliveries and clear skies.

    She's looking good now though, all sealed up and watertight so the cover is off for now!

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    Looking really good, love the arches and wheels.
    Just need to get the spoiler back on now ;)

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    Quick post about what I've been up to, pictures will be coming soon, but with the winter days and a heavy workload there has been more parts gathering than actually putting parts on the car.

    So far since I last posted I've:
    • Sandblasted and welded my front crash bar
    • Sandblasted my seat rails
    • Bought and installed a MK3 to K-swap shifter assembly
    • And.. bought these...

    A set of Honda Type R Alacantra seats.

    Unfortunetly the seat rails on the drivers side have been ground off, because the front mounts actually fit!

    So I've got to source a new set of front mounts! and also work out how to lower the rears because they are far too high.

    However I'm going to test fit them with just the lowered fronts. As you can see from the picture they are about an inch and a half lower, which is perfect.

    I also need a shorter seatbelt anchor too as the MK1 ones (left) are far larger than the Civic version (right). Does anyone know if the mk2 ones are shorter (and fit the MK1 seatbelt clasp?)


    I got my crash bar back, powdercoated grey... I think its the best looking, and strongest one... IN THE WORLD!

    That's all for now, hopefully going to finish my painting this week! Got a new compressor too!!!

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    A little bit more painting has been completed!

    I had a day off yesterday to fit them back to the car and do a few more things I've been putting off.

    A couple of notes on the other work that has been done:
    • Sold EP3 Type R Seats... The didn't fit!
    • Purchased MK2 leather seats! £30!!
    • Swapped the mounts on the MK2 seats so they fit.
    • Bought a new battery!
    • Installed a USB extension lead from the ECU to the glovebox.


    Only got the bonnet left to paint now, but its needing a lot more sanding and filling than these panels did.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

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    :thumbsup: That thing is fantastic!

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    Happy new year!

    I had a productive few hours outside, and here is a neat little guide on how to put MK2 seats into a MK1.

    Putting MK2 seats into a MK1: A Guide

    What you need (Parts)
    • MK2 Seats (Pair)
    • MK1 Seat Rails (Pair)
    • M6 nuts and bolts

    What you need (Tools)
    • Various spanners and a socket set
    • Drill driver, and metal drill bits
    • Hammers, and punches... various blunt objects.
    • Angle grinder and metal cutting and linishing discs
    • Mig welder (I did it with a flux core £100 welder from MachineMart)


    1. Dissasemble everything, but only do one chair at a time as things can get confusing easily. Even if you label it all!
    You need to remove all of the "Feet" from the all of the seat rails. I would do the passenger seat first, and then the drivers seat.

    I've not taken pictures of this as its quite an involving job.

    However you will not need the MK2 feet, or the MK1 rails! So you can "get angry" with the mk2 char feet, and cut them to pieces to get them off. Then you can also go "crazy" on the MK1 rails, to get the feet off nice and clean.

    Also grind back a bit of paint around the area on the MK2 rails, ready for welding later on.

    2. Bolt up time.

    Make sure you have knocked out all of the "plugs" from the feet you are taking off, as we are now going to put M6 bolts and nuts through each of these holes.

    The difference between the mk1 rails and the mk2 rails is everything is swapped around. The left rail "feet" on the mk1, become the right rail feet on the mk2. I guess toyota did this to re-use parts, as the rails are almost identical.

    We only need to modify one foot, and its luckily its the odd looking one, with a sticky out bit on it.

    Here it is: with the original hole knocked out.

    We now need to drill a 2nd 6mm hole, exactly 1 inch further back. This is because the MK2 rails are pushed an inch back on the one side.

    You can see the 3rd hole i made, which was a mistake in calculations.

    it is also quite far back, but don't be alarmed. This is how it is on the MK2 and its absolutly fine.

    Once you have bolted them all up. Don't weld anything yet.

    Leave it slightly loose, and go bolt it into the car. You might need to swap or adjust something! Also once it is bolted in. tighten everything down in place!

    Then, get it out of the car and setup the welder.

    You don't need a lot of weld here, we are mainly trying to "solidify" the system. You want about an inch of weld on every "foot" which is the same as Toyota did it.

    Also on that one funny foot, we want a bit more on the top. Toyota did this too, but only on the drivers seat...

    3. Paint it up!

    Clean back any rust you can see, and get the black paint out.

    Let it dry, then bolt it back into your car!



    So there you have it, around 3 hours of work. Most of that was spent hammering those stuipid little rivets out.

    In other news I've got myself a decent headunit for the car, and discovered a sensor problem. I may have cooked the Cam position sensors during some previous wiring misshaps, so I've ordered a new pair of those!

    Then I will have some videos of it idling!

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    Well, it's taken a long time!

    But she's all one colour at last!!

    Full day on her on Monday! so I'm going to get loads crossed off.

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