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Thread: Project Phoenix - A barn find story

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    Quote Originally Posted by inglismark View Post
    Wow, its been an age since i've had a look at this thread, what an absolute ton of work you've done, congratulations and a stirling effort, out of curiosity, why the mk2 master cylinder though?
    Paul said it's better ^^

    Probably better nick, and if it breaks there is probably a rebuild kit for it.

    Also I'm running massive wilwood 4 pots up front and a VW polo front brakes at the back ^^ needs some extra power for sure.

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    Very well done, quite a milestone.

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    The mk2 master cylinder has a larger bore so if you use stock calipers you will actually reduce brake pressure, really good for the big brake upgrades though as it keeps the brake pedal nice and sharp

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    I should never have sold my mr2 :( cant wait to see this bro.

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    Hi all, sorry there haven't been many updates in a while. MR2 has taken a sideline to get some money earnt, and try and start saving money as I've got to look into moving out this winter (other half finishes her doctorate, so we want our own place)

    I thought the best way to save money! Buy another car! Meet the new whip:

    Sounds like a strange thing to do, but with its frugal 1.9 PD105 engine, it sips diesel rather than chugs petrol like the Golf!

    Speaking of which, Golfy has joined the MR2 in the 'garage'

    A couple of days later, and lots of elbow grease in the lovely unseasonable warmth, painting has started on the horrific side of the golf where it had been Keyed by the previous owners Ex.

    Once it's painted, it's going up for sale, and hoping to get around £2,000 for it as it's becoming quite desirable and mine has all the options and almost every wearable part has been changed (it needs a new set of brake discs and that's it)

    I've managed to get a few things done to the MR2, but I didn't take any pictures unfortunetly, but expect a BIG update when i get back to the UK (I'm currently away in Detroit working)

    Until then, here is the full gang:

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    Hope everyone is having a good Bank Holiday.

    About to go and enjoy it properly down the pub with a few mates and cider!

    A little update first!

    I've been busy making pie!

    3" Vband clamp, ready to accept this:

    Which I fully welded around (took ages because I had to wait for it to cool between spot rotations)

    Only 3 more pieces of pie to connect it to the waiting backbox, then its just a case of welding the mounting bracket on, and grinding off the high welds.

    Got a packed family bank holiday, but as I've just got back from the states, I've got a few days-in-lieu to use up, so will be finishing this off on Tuesday. (unless I sneak a few evening hours over the weekend)

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    A little update to bring everyone up to speed. The issue has been wiring for most of the summer evenings.

    It's like I'm debugging code at work, then debugging and engine at home! Just fault code after fault code.

    A couple of leaks too, but just the clamps not being tightened or seated properly.

    Exhaust is now finished, and sits lovely without any support! However, I do need to weld a support onto the manifold to stop any cracking.

    Side view, as I get started.

    I wanted to try and get as much of this stuff as I could back onto the car.

    Also, I'm getting rid of this bumper. I've fallen in love with the stock look!

    So I picked this up the other day, complete with a MINT crash bar (for £100 I might add... steal!)
    Also, the Red bonnet, as it is straight. My blue one is very un-straight.

    So I got the speaker out

    Turned on Radio 1

    Made sure the dog wasn't dead

    And spent a LONG time, drilling out snapped and rusted bolts. To get this all together.

    Looks like I'm short:
    • side brace brackets
    • eyebrow brace brackets
    • two side pieces
    • probably more brace brackets

    So still a bit to do before I can finish off the fiberglass work. Then it can all come off and get prepped for paint!!

    OH LOOK!

    He's moved! #notdead

    Final Question:

    Anyone know this spoiler extension, and how to get one?... I have a cunning plan.

    Loz out!

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    Durham, UK birthplace of the 1.5,v6 and v8 Mr2
    So glad to see you binned the Veins front, bloody horrible in my opinion! I think my BC rep front lip looks the best on a Mk1, but i'm going to say that :)

    It's called a Gurney flap, you can get a universal one here

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