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Thread: Project Phoenix - A barn find story

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    That sounds pretty sweet, very well done that man.

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    Quick update.

    • Clutch and Brakes
    • Cooling System
    • Engine Management
    • Interior Carpets
    • Seats
    • Suspension and Steering
    • Paint and Bodywork

    • Driveshafts
    • Wheel Spacers

    Snagging List (those little things that are a bit annoying but don't need fixing to be on the road)
    • Parasitic battery drain somewhere
    • Wiring needs looming up a bit better
    • No speakers yet, got to put some in.
    • Needs Stickers!!

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    This is fucking awesome. I think I can help with the battery drain though! I had similar on the Rev1 we posted to the USA.

    Two methods I've used.

    1) disconnect one battery terminal, and connect in a 12v test bulb. The draw should be very low (ecu etc) but if its bright the draw is high. Pull fuses until the bulb is at its dimmest.

    2) disconnect one battery terminal, connect in a 12v test meter. It will tell you exactly what the draw is. Pull fuses to find which circuit etc.

    We did this and found it was the dome light inside the car! Last place we would have looked.

    And yeah, needs more stickers. :)

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    Just a quick update for everyone:

    November 2019. She was road worthy.

    Driveshafts were installed, wiring was done 'a bit' better,
    Lots of niggles were fixed, and it's first ever 4 corner alignment was done.

    Oh, and it passed its first MOT since 2001

    I had 2 months of worry free driving, but the short trips to work and back were hiding a BIG issue.


    I embarked on a long trip, only about 40 miles, and some Steam, a leak, and a recovery truck sent me home again.

    So over a month, I took the train to work and did what I should have done when I first got the engine. Took the head off and skimmed it.

    AND installed ARP bolts :D for Safe-T

    I also took this time to make my active exhaust valve system. Using a 12v input, a relay, and an arduino.

    I also took to a spot of Special Stage historic rallying with my Uncle, in a Mini we restored together.

    But now, we're back on the road!

    A few things are still left over
    • I've still got to revise the coolant plumbing. The way I had it running was not the best.
    • I still need some rear wheel spacers, or something to hide the massive arch gap!
    • My suspension is so harsh with the coilovers, and I would really like to go back to stock.
    • The interior trim needs a complete overhaul, but luckily I've bought a complete blue interior from a guy in Manchester.
    • Need to refurbish my seats.

    So still plenty happening! Hopefully it will be properly on the road for when i actually return to work, post lockdown!

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    I also made this. Skip to the end for some overtakes. Really want to take it on a track and get some decent videos of it.

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    Going to try and post my escapades more frequently.

    I prefer taking photos to making videos, and I managed to take a few today.

    I found an almost complete blue interior near Manchester, and after lockdown was eased I stole the Mrs' car and drove up their in the sunshine.

    This is what I came back with

    You'll remember the interior as it stands.
    My botched efforts to flock the dash.
    My vein attempt to carbon wrap the glovebox...
    And all the missing pieces from when it picked apart in the scrap yard.

    Well after a lot of scrubbing, and figuring out where a few things go... which I had never fitted before. One blue-ish interior.

    I've still got a bit to do in here before it's done.
    Next on the list is the center console piece, as I had to modify it a lot to get the mk3 shifter to fit.
    But now I know that with my current setup, the OEM cables and shifter will fit, I'm holding off installing that piece until I acquire a set.

    I've also got to find a few little piece of trim for the doors, and get the seats re-upholstered. But it's getting there!

    Until next time!

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    Icon6 Finished

    I thought I had better return to the forum where it all started, and post the final post of this thread.

    TLDR: It's done.

    These are the photos I'm using to sell it. It's advertised on Car and Classic, and a classified on eBay.
    It's been a great project, and I've got to thank everyone in this community for the help, guidance, and parts!

    Here's a quick roundup of changes since my last post:
    • RX8 Seats installed
    • Behind seat speakers installed
    • New front speakers and tweeters installed
    • Electronics and Heating switches for RX8 seats
    • Toms style air scoop
    • 4x4 air box with input pipe to air scoop
    • Moved the coolant resevoir and made a custom bracket for it
    • Fixed a lot of rattles and NVH issues
    • re-threaded all the exhaust manifold bolts and ground out the exhaust manifold so it flows better.
    • Clearanced all the rockers as they were all out of spec
    • Replaced so many o-rings hunting for an oil leak
    • Removed the oil cooler widget, as it's not necessary.
    • Added gas struts to the bonnet! Great upgrade. Wrote a guide for it.
    • Installed 35mm wheel spacers on the rear
    • Did a bit of welding on a sill as.. i forgot a bit
    • Installed new gear linkage cables as I broke one.
    • Passed one last MOT with 0 advisories!!

    It then had its first, and last, show in my possession when I took it to MR2 Nationals.

    And hopefully that's the end of my MR2 journey for now!

    I'm off to the classic mini forums to annoy them by fuel injecting, turbo charging, and modernizing a 1098 engine.

    Cya Folks!

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    Car looks great, you've done a brilliant job with it, shame your selling it now. You do realise that you won't get away from MK1's that easy, you'll be back
    Black is not a colour ! .... Its the absence of colour

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    Small 2022 update for any still lurking.

    David Bailey (the guy from this Thread)

    Bought it in 2021. His missus now dailys it, and it's having a lovely life in her hands. It's since been for a rolling road tune and made 231hp at the flywheel! which is excellent for a semi-stock K20a2.

    He's selling his house in Church Stretton (which btw, was also where I lived! I even bought the side air intake off him!) so is slowely moving all the remaining MR2s down to his other house, so atleast until he sells it I occassionally get to see it (3 times this has happened) on my way to and from work, as I work in the town south of Stretton, and live to the north now.

    It puts a smile on my face when I see it in the mirror, and the noises it makes as it overtakes! ooof.

    If I fell in to some money now, I would buy it back in a heartbeat.

    And Jimi! You're right! I'll be back eventually. I'm currently restoring a classic mini, and throwing a 2.2 HDI engine in a 1.9d Shitron 'blingo.

    But after that.. who knows! Might even have a big enough garage to do another restoration properly by doing it inside!

    I'm feeling a 5 clyinder swap... or a 3.2 VR6... Dammit, I knew checking up on here was a bad idea!

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    I'll be watching with interest
    Black is not a colour ! .... Its the absence of colour

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