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Thread: 1MZ exhuast placement?

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    1MZ exhuast placement?


    Sorry if this is the wrong place, there was a few places where I could have asked the question.

    Question for Paul, or anyone else that has been in a similar position :)

    For the 1MZ V6 conversion, where is the placement of the exhaust? And is it a single or dual exit exhaust?

    I ask because I am picking up a JDL rear bumper on the weekend, and planned to use a lotus elise 111s diffuser with it. But this all depends on the placement of the exhaust to whether I have the diffuser or not.

    Pic below of the bumper for reference (not mine), would the exhaust be at the bottom like stock, or is it easier to put it through the gaps next to the number plate? And would it use less materials putting it higher up, or increase the cost?

    Thanks a lot :)


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    Is this is the wrong place? Hence why it isn't being seen haha?

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    I'm not sure the answer is straightforward. The exhaust can go wherever you want and you can have single or dual just depends on what exhaust you go for. Fit the diffuser and get an exhaust made up to fit?

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    You're in the right place probably hasn't been seen yet.

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