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Thread: To Stripe, or Not to Stripe?

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    To Stripe, or Not to Stripe?

    So I know the yellow is a bit much. I had this vision of the yellow pinstripes that would tie together the yellow engine and yellow cage. The silver wheels were supposed to tie in the stainless steel bright work trim on the car.
    See what you all think of this:

    Sorry, my phone sucks at pics and it's just a decal stripe. It can peel off. I wanted this to tie together the yellow. Is it good? Not really. Is it loud? A bit obnoxious? Yeah. But so am I and so is the car, really. I was thinking yellow or black wheels. I don't know... it's up to the internet. :) Jamie and I stuck this on the car and we'll see what it looks like outside later.
    Yes or No?

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    Never been a fan of stripes on anything, i prefered it simple and stealthy, doesn't look right with stripes to me, personal opinion though sir.

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    +1 Paul. The plain glossy black was much more stylish.

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    One word. Stickerbomb....

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    Starsky & Hutch style up the C-pillar in yellow...

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    I dunno, its 1980s pininfarina styling and they went in for thin stripes back then...

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    Yeah, it did sort of match the styling from the era, but I think it cheapened it. I'll pull it out into the sunlight and have a look, but I think they'll come off.

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    I just went out there and threw the garage door up and saw the stripes this morning and said "Oh yeah, Hell No". I stuck those on after a couple beers and Jamie said she thought it looked ok, so I left them.
    Today, especially after having people agree that they look a bit lame- I peeled them off. It's much better, a bit classier with the plain black.

    So, No to the stripes. They're off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommytank View Post
    Good man, I concur.
    Me too!
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