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Thread: 1MZ Mk3 - The gift that just KEEPS on giving.

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    Engine tends to mount on a stand on the flywheel side.
    I hate all southerners. As a point of reference, I'm stood at the north pole.

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    Not on a flywheel though as it tends to spin

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    Quote Originally Posted by nads1978 View Post
    That'd be ace mate, is that where it fits?
    That I don't know, but the way Chris shows however that is is the way to go, I'm home Sunday night but it might be dark by then, so will check Monday it is where it should be & hasn't been 'borrowed'

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    Eh, right you are then.

    Yep, this was my car. Built for me, not any customers! The build thread and any issues is all on here, guts n garters as they say. Right down to the busted gearbox casing and the resultant fix. There was things trialled on the build and it had a lot of ammendments as I went.

    I didn't sell you the car, so I don't know what you thought it was like.

    All the wiring was not twist and tape when I built it, I can assure you.

    I've no issues with discussing the car and helping clarify but it's all in the build thread.

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    To note, I have never, ever used silver tape for wiring.

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    Hey man, I don't want any beef. I'm just saying it as I saw it, I thought the thread said that it was built for some guy called Tom.

    Someone else has probably been tinkering with the wiring after you owned it then.
    I'm always open for any help.

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    Toms was a different car, just happened to look the exact same and use the same backbox. That one actually sat about for a long time unused so I've no idea what nick that's in either!

    Look at the thread Black Bob Jnr and you'll see how it was when it was built.

    Yes, with the new body it has had a lot of modifications post build.

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    Just had a read of your thread, is this the flywheel you fitted? i.e. Is it worth putting back in? I may get it skimmed if it is a good'en!
    Is the pressure plate anything special or should I get stock item? It has some scoring from the release bearing (new gearbox already has new bearing)

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    That's the chromoly one I fitted, it's tough and very light. I'd keep it.

    Pressure plate etc were just standard mk2 stuff. Worked grand but if you're in the mood to upgrade there's a good few options. No ideas how many miles the clutch has done now so worth replacing imo.

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