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Thread: 1MZ Mk3 - The gift that just KEEPS on giving.

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    It's a bit of a mixed bag, the exhaust isn't great but ultimately it's gas tight and functional which is what it needs to be, my y pipe isn't much better, granted i didn't make it and wouldn't make something like it but it keeps the car on the road till i revisit it and ultimately function is all that matters to some people.

    The mastic mount is a bit of a shocker and it should of been addressed or you informed but giving the benefit of the doubt it could of been a quick get through an mot fix that they intended to revisit later but for some reason didn't, i for one will admit ive pulled some proper stunts to get a car through an mot and then revisited things later to do it properly not everything is a deliberate attempt at something sinister or attempted shortcut.

    it's hard to call but ultimately buying someone elses swap is always a mixed bag that anyone has to be prepared to redo as ultimately people have different skill levels and you can only find out you don't have the required talent or not by having a go in the first place which ill always be mostly in favour of

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    I guess we've all been there; I would nail my own car together with snot and hope, but I wouldn't do the same for the wife's car or anyone else's.

    That being said, at some point a car gets sold on to someone else, long after your own personal bodges have been forgotten.

    How about we just put it down to that hateful phrase 'it is what it is' and move on.

    At least its keeping us amused and occupied in equal measure.



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    Quote Originally Posted by cdwood2010 View Post
    How about we just put it down to that hateful phrase 'it is what it is' and move on.
    This... Naming and shaming isn't going to change anything; as far as I know there's only 1 v6 swapper who puts a lifetime warranty on his workmanship.

    So, back to trying to sort out this sows ear, where abouts are you based? Have you come up with a nice big to do list that we may be able to help you whittle through?
    I hate all southerners. As a point of reference, I'm stood at the north pole.

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    I'm in the East Midlands, I have a TRD gearbox ready to install, and will probably replace the clutch/fly assembly too.
    The engine, has just been lowered onto a trolley I have, and in a minute I'm heading out to look at separating the gearbox.
    I'll need to get an alignment tool probably. But, I'm heading offshore for a few weeks, so no work will be getting done on the car.
    Looks like most of the bushes on the rear will need replacing. I reckon I can save the rear cross member (see my other thread!).
    The rocker covers are weeping, so will need to reseal them, may even paint them.
    Paul supplied me a a/c compressor from a Lexus, which I fitted and works, but it's frickin huge! I may look for a smaller one, like from a Camry (anyone?).

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    I have a clutch alignment tool in Worksop, maybe not too far from you, just be careful which bushes you knock out & don't be a frigging idiot like me

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    You don't really need an alignment tool, just a deep socket of the right size and an extension bar. If you tinker with it you will get a feel as to whether its centralised or not.

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    1MZ Mk3 - The gift that just KEEPS on giving.

    Thanks chaps, ha yes I read that thread!

    If I remove the 2 bolts pictured (torx head) can I use the 4 bolt holes for supporting the engine and gearbox on a engine stand? I need to buy one, but not sure where it fits! If so, can the cam belt pulley in the middle stay there?

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    Lol again if you want to borrow one

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    That'd be ace mate, is that where it fits?

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