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Thread: MR2 big brakes, sometimes you have to stop all that 2GR power. (works with all MKIIs)

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    MR2 big brakes, sometimes you have to stop all that 2GR power. (works with all MKIIs)

    I looked around and I wasn’t happy with the existing MR2 big brake offerings. I needed brakes to put on my 2GR powered race MR2.

    What I came up with uses wilwood calipers and rotors and can be affordably serviced. Replacing all pads and rotors costs about $300 depending on which vendor you use. This makes it fantastic for endurance racing. We took it racing last weekend and we saw barely measurable wear after 10 hours of full throttle road course assault. I expect the brakes to last an entire season of endurance racing and at that point get replaced simply for preventative maintenance reasons.

    The brake kit uses pads that are very streetable. Heat isn’t required in the pads to get them to grip (wildwood BP-20 compound). But if you want to step up to a bit more crazy pads wilwood has offerings to suit everyone.
    Because these were designed for racing, there are no considerations for parking brakes. You could convert the park brake to a hydraulic hand brake to assist in drift/rally turns, but that would not be functional for a parking brake.

    The braking effort is approximately 3x more than it was from the factory turbo MKII system. This means you can’t use just the front setup and expect to keep the factory rear brakes to retain the park brake functionality.
    And finally, it even fits over 16” wheels, here they are fitting over a 16x7 Enkei RPF1 wheel which is notorious for low clearance:

    here you can see the comparison between stock and big brake front rotors:

    here it is without a wheel on the front:

    Here is an OEM front caliper vs the wilwood caliper, note the thickness of the pads also:

    The rear is very similar, it uses the same rotors and calipers that look the same but are different piston bores, the offset is also deeper (not shown in picture)

    The look of the hats will change slightly for the production units.

    So here's what the kit comes with:
    front caliper adapters
    front rotor hats
    rear caliper adapters
    rear rotor hats
    installation bolts with safety wire holes
    four braided stainless steel brake lines
    required hardware for installation

    Cost is $1800

    Here's what you need to complete the installation, all are wilwood part numbers:
    two left rotors: 160-2898
    two right rotors: 160-2899
    two rear calipers: 120-11127
    two front calipers: 120-11130
    two sets of brake pads: 150-9416K
    Total if you order the parts from summit racing: $701.97

    I can also ship everything together as a kit for $2600 (the extra fees are to handle all the heavy parts, I honestly prefer if you order the off the shelf wilwood parts from your favorite supplier.)

    But here's the rub, I don't have the spare funds right now to kick off a production run so i have to run a tiny group buy. The first 4 people interested get a $200 discount. I'll let the group buy run for 24hous past the fourth person buying the kit, there is no maximum limit to the number of people on the kit group buy.

    To get on the list send paypal to . Orders are non cancelable and will be shipped within five weeks of all orders being placed on the list. shipping in the usa is free, international shipping is done at actual cost.

    If the group buy does not go forward these will still eventually become a set of parts i stock, it just may be a few months before that happens.

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    I've been looking at that kind of conversion for ages - what's stopping me is the parking brake thing.

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    I like it wasn't there a single pot stand alone separate handbrake kit they supply?
    I've seen some thing like that on the kit car scene, great work as ever gouky, is this a mk2 kit or can it be fitted to mk1 as well?

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    The handbrake calipers they have won't fit the 32mm wide rotors.

    I understand that the park brake setup is something many people will want and i may develop it at some point in the future but there are many other projects ahead of it. this was just something i had to develop for my race car and if people want it I can make copies of the bits to make it work.

    currently it is only for the MKII MR2, it needed to fit this:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gouky View Post

    I understand that the park brake setup is something many people will want
    Unfortunately it's a legal requirement for road use in the UK.
    Black is not a colour ! .... Its the absence of colour

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    Aha as a race car setup that will be awesome but road cars in uk have to have a working handbrake for mot
    Bit of a bugger and even more poo as it doesn't fit a mk1 booo hoo.
    It's a cool project though and fantastic for the mk2 guys racing definetly a must watch thread.

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    I'm honestly surprised there is this much interest in these parts. I'll revisit this at a later date with e-brake capabilities.

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    E-brake and Mk1 fitment, possibly with a servo recommendation and I'm there Marc. About time I went five stud all round.

    Seriously, good to see FM is still doing the (dark) lord's work :icon_cool:

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    servo recommendation?

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    Sorry - too tired! What I meant is that I'm assuming that in a mk1 fitment, to get a nice firm pedal you might need a different master cylinder spec, rather than a servo.

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