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Thread: Clutch options V6

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    Yes, i get the thicker of the two "washers" cut down to fit inside the recess. Its not essential, some dont bother and it's fine, but i think it helps distribute the clamping force.

    I also buy the long flywheel bolts and cut them down to a custom size, maximum thread to crank boss. Once i cut them too long and the engine wouldn't turn. Don't do that. :|

    A 4 puck clutch will be quite on / off. Depends what your using the car for and / or if youre letting the wife go shopping in it. Whatever you fit just make sure that it is fit for the power you are going to put through it.


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    I used a 1MZFE manual transmission flywheel that I found new. I think it cross references with the 3.4L Toyota pickup truck flywheel. I never had to drill a flywheel or cut bolts on my V6 swaps. I ordered the stock V6 manual trans flywheel bolts from Toyota and used the V6 flywheel that I bought for 70 USD new on the internet. No spacer either. There's someone over there I'm sure that can sell you a correct steel flywheel without drilling and it should be cheap. The Fidanza is a whole different kettle of fish however.

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    I used a fidanza flywheel made for a gt4/mr2 turbo. Had the holes elongated.. used the plate and cut down stock bolts to fit the 3vz. Still works fine..

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    Here's me cutting some bolts yesterday.

    Sorry, new phone with decent camera. :)

    I fit a flanged nut to the right size, then angle grinder them flush. When you remove the nut it cleans the thread.

    And always turn the engine by hand afterwards, just in case!!!


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    Whatever you go for just remember this piece of advice:
    Horsepower is a completely meaningless figure when it comes to clutch capability.
    If an aftermarket clutch supplier isn't willing to back up their product with a torque figure, buy your clutch from someone else.
    It's a 2.0 inline four that thinks it's a viper v10. What's not to love?

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    ^ This man speaks the truth.

    That's why even so called 'decent' n/a clutches are not up to scratch. The clamping force just isnt high enough to hold the engine torque in check. I fitted a brand new Exedy clutch to a V6 once. It slipped from day #1.

    To be honest, i originally fitted the LUK clutch as an accident. It was what they got in at my local factors, and it was to replace a Techniclutch that went wrong. But as per my thread, you can see the difference when you bolt it up.


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    The clutch friction plate i fitted was an inport from the states for mr2 turbo / gt4.. it was from the ironman clutch range and rated at 400bhp plus..
    I have never had it slip..

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    Pretty sure Paul woods used to fit a fiddy flywheel, turbo cover plate and an n/a clutch disc with regular 3vz swaps.

    Having said that, there's plenty of combinations that work, and the more you can spend the better.


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    Also I noticed today while fitting an luk clutch that the surface of the pressure plate is grooved like a record.

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    Grooves are there to disperse the material dust of the plate and to aid clamping force, rather than just a flat surface.

    But could be wrong

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